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CodeNEXT Sound Check

Mon.-Sat., Nov. 16-21

By Nick Barbaro, November 13, 2015, News

The CodeNEXT Sound Check combines several public events: an opening ceremony and presentation on Monday evening, and a closing event on Saturday, and in between Open Studio sessions on Tuesday through Friday, where "informal interaction allows designated studio ambassadors to guide visitors through the studio and facilitate questions and observe the team at work." Each day concludes with a Block Party/"Pin-Up" session, when people can view workshop results, listen to live music, and eat at a rotating selection of food trucks. Plus there are Educational Brown Bag Lunches (and one breakfast) each day, on different topics. See more info at or Sound Check will take place at the Linc (formerly Lincoln Center), 6406 N. I-35.

** Editor's Note: Nick Barbaro's wife Susan Moffat is AISD's representative on the CodeNEXT Advisory Committee.

Mon., Nov. 16:

• *Opening Ceremony & Block Party, 5:30-6:30pm. Music: Soul Track Mind, Austin Busker Project/Austin Oddities

• Opening Presentation, 6:30-8pm at the Marchesa Theatre

Tue., Nov. 17:

• Educational Brown Bag Lunch: Form Based Code 101, noon-1pm

• Open Studio, 1-7pm

• *Sound Check Block Party/Pin-Up, 5-7pm. Music: El Tule, Sloke One

Wed., Nov. 18:

• Educational Brown Bag Breakfast: Mapping, 9-10am

• Open Studio, 10am-noon; 1-7pm

• Road Show at the Sound Check: 4-5pm Q&A session.

• Sound Check Block Party/Pin-Up, 5-7pm. Music: Kupira Marimba

Thu., Nov. 19:

• Educational Brown Bag Lunch: Thoroughfare Network, noon-1pm

• Open Studio, 1-7pm

• Sound Check Block Party / Pin-Up, 5-7pm. Music: Amy Cook

Fri., Nov. 20:

• Open Studio, 10am-noon

• Educational Brown Bag Lunch: Envision Tomorrow, noon-1pm

Sat., Nov. 21:

• *Closing Ceremony, 1-3:30pm. Music: Bidi Bidi Banda, beginning at 1pm. Presentation begins at 2pm.

* ¡No Faltes! Habrá interpretación.

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