The Road to 10-1 ... Is Getting Crowded [Updated May 12]

As May money season opens, candidates blossom

The Road to 10-1 ... Is Getting Crowded [Updated May 12]

No, the list of candidates for the new 10-1 City Council isn't as crowded as I-35 rush hour – it's just starting to look that way. The number of candidates who have filed campaign treasurer designations with the City Clerk – the first official step toward formal candidacy – hit 40 as of Monday morning, and the overall list of candidates "seriously considering" a run continues climbing. For the mayoral race alone, there are now officially four – possibly five – candidates in the mix, and another 50 or more gathering around the district campfires.

We offer in these pages a first full overview of the 10-1 candidates and districts, hoping to provide some sense of the overall campaign landscape (Note: updated May 12). It's certainly true that each of the 10 districts is more comprehensible than a city of more than 800,000 people; at the same time, a district of 80,000 is a small city in itself. We hope that these brief demographic and geographic breakdowns help readers (and prospective voters) get a more precise sense of where they fit into the overall dynamic Austin tapestry.

As for the candidates, the mayor's race offers a snapshot of the range of the entire group: a prominent attorney, an incumbent council member and former firefighter, a musician and businessman, and an airline mechanic/businessman – with another council member/CPA potentially in the wings. There's an even greater range among the more than 50 potential Council candidates, though it's worth noting early that they're somewhat unevenly bunched. Some districts are drawing a large group of competitors, others (e.g., District 2) remain surprisingly thin.

But it's still early, and the fields remain wide open. There's been a flurry of treasurer filings of late, probably related to the fact that the "money season" – when candidates can begin soliciting and spending other people's money – begins May 8, 180 days out from the Nov. 4 election. (We had earlier reported May 4 in error; apologies to all concerned.) And make no mistake – it takes money to underwrite a successful political campaign, even under Austin's restrictive campaign finance laws. There is also a flurry of "campaign kickoffs" in the next few weeks; look to your district candidates to let you know when you can meet and greet your would-be municipal representatives.

The actual filing period is quite a ways off – July 21 to August 18 – and Oct. 20 marks the first day of in-person early voting. The candidate landscape is likely to change quite a bit between now and August, and we'll try valiantly to keep you updated. But all in all, the new City Council era is offering an early explosion of public interest, and we certainly hope it will continue into the November (and likely December) voting booths. One more thing: If you're uncertain which Council district you live in, the city's 10-1 web site ( offers a "Lookup Map" – plug in your street address and get an instant answer.

Remember: It's your City Council!

Candidates profiled here have filed (and posted) campaign treasurer designations with the City Clerk as of noon Tuesday, April 29; potential or declared candidates without a treasurer designation are noted under "others."

Anglo African- AmericanHispanic/LatinoAsian & OtherRegistered VotersEst. 2012 TurnoutEst. 2012 Voters
DISTRICT 1 (East/Northeast)23.3%28.2%37.5%2.6%42,15244.0%18,547
DISTRICT 2 (Southeast)20.3%8.0%69.0%2.7%33,25639.9%13,269
DISTRICT 3 (East/Southeast)26.6%8.0%60.8%4.6%40,14537.9%15,215
DISTRICT 4 (North/Central)20.8%9.5%65.2%4.5%27,44041.9%11,497
DISTRICT 5 (Central/South)59.5%4.2%31.0%5.3%56,84852.2%29,675
DISTRICT 6 (Northwest/West)64.4%4.4%15.1%16.1%50,39950.2%25,300
DISTRICT 7 (North/Central)57.6%7.8%22.4%12.1%52,37051.5%26,971
DISTRICT 8 (South/Southwest)69.7%2.2%17.7%10.4%54,20656.5%30,626
DISTRICT 9 (Central)66.8%3.5%17.2%12.6%60,94544.2%26,938
DISTRICT 10 (West/Northwest)78.3%1.7%9.3%10.8%61,89959.3%36,706

DISTRICT 1 (East/Northeast)

District 1 is anchored in central East Aus­tin, but runs eastward as far as Travis Coun­ty's East Metropolitan Park near Manor, and northward as far as Howard Lane. It's the sole "African-American opportunity" district, intended to provide black voters a decisive influence on their candidate of choice, but it will require coalition voting for that to happen.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 23.3%, African-American: 28.2%, Hispanic/Latino: 43.2%, Asian & other: 4.2%
Registered voters: 42,152; Est. 2012 turnout: 44.0%

Andrew Bucknall

Occupation: mediator; property manager
Experience: city commissioner (urban transportation, urban renewal); health and human services administrator; Council candidate (2005)
Issues: health care, education, transportation, historic preservation
(FB) Bucknall for District One

Ora Houston

Occupation: retired state employee (Dept. of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 27 years)
Experience: legislative staffer (Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos); social services case worker; civic activist; member of city commissions and task forces
Issues: social justice, affordability, diversity, transportation
(FB) Ora Houston

Norman Jacobson

Occupation: author; real estate speculator
Experience: engineering and scientific collaborator; researcher on fluoride and food additives
Issues: fluoridation, food additives, education
(FB) Norman Jacobson

DeWayne Lofton

Occupation: risk manager, Texas Association of School Boards
Experience: former Council candidate (2006), nonprofit boards and commissions
Issues: affordability, diversity, health care, transportation
(FB) DeWayne Lofton

Sam Osemene

Occupation: adjunct government professor (ACC); businessman
Experience: civic activist; Council candidate (2008 and 2009)
Issues: public safety, affordable housing, business deregulation
(FB) Sam Osemene for Austin City Council District 1

DISTRICT 2 (Southeast)

Anchored in the Southeast/Dove Springs, District 2 ranges as far west as South First Street (below Stassney) and as far east as Wolf Lane. It incorporates the Burleson Road industrial area, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and the Circuit of the Americas, and is one of three Hispanic opportunity districts (2,3,4), although turnout in a nonpresidential year will likely be a factor.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 20.3%, African-American: 8.0%, Hispanic/Latino: 69.0%, Asian & other: 2.7%
Registered voters: 33,256; Est. 2012 turnout: 39.9%

Delia Garza

Occupation: assistant state attorney general
Experience: former firefighter (Local 975); Charter Revision Committee member; civic activist
Issues: transportation, affordability, equity, environmental protection
(FB) Delia Garza for Austin City Council, District 2

Edward Reyes

Occupation: owner, A. Reyes Tree Service
Experience: community activist, president Dove Springs Neighborhood Association
Issues: Pending
(FB) Edward Reyes

DISTRICT 3 (East/Southeast)

More central city than District 2, District 3 is also a Hispanic opportunity district, incorporating some of South Austin below Oltorf (to Stassney) as well as Montopolis, and the Cesar Chavez area eastward. How it performs as an opportunity district may depend on turnout, as well as rapid demographic changes in the area since the 2010 Census.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 26.6%, African-American: 8.0%, Hispanic/Latino: 60.8%, Asian & other: 4.6%
Registered voters: 40,145; Est. 2012 turnout: 37.9%

Susana Almanza

Occupation: co-director, People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources (PODER)
Experience: civic and neighborhood activist; president of Montopolis NA; city commissioner (planning, environmental, currently Parks & Rec)
Issues: equity, social justice, environmental protection, affordability
(FB) Vote Susana Almanza for District 3, Austin City Council

Miguel Ancira

Occupation: senior coordinator, Capital One Bank
Experience: city commissioner (Immigrant Affairs), community banker, entrepreneur
Issues: education, economic opportunities/small business support, transportation
(FB) Miguel Ancira

Mario Cantu

Occupation: emergency medical technician/paramedic
Experience: neighborhood activist (Austin Neighborhoods Council rep)
Issues: transportation, education, health care, affordability
(FB) Mario Cantu for Austin City Council District 3

Shaun Ireland

Occupation: finance/intergovernmental director, DTI Resources
Experience: civic activist; Council candidate (2012)
Issues: transportation, emergency management
(FB) Shaun Ireland

Julian Limon Fernandez

Occupation: band leader, Los Texas Wranglers
Experience: Pending
Issues: Pending
(FB) Julian Limon Fernandez

Fred McGhee

Occupation: author; adjunct professor of anthropology (ACC); small-business owner
Experience: public housing advocate; civic activist; ACC trustee candidate (2010); historic preservation advocate
Issues: public housing, affordability, education, environmental justice
(FB) Fred L. McGhee for Austin City Council District 3

Eric J. Rangel

Occupation: Special Projects Coordinator, TxDOT
Experience: political family, community activist, former Council candidate (2011)
Issues: transportation, affordability, economic development, crime
(FB) Eric J. Rangel

Ricardo Turollols-Bonilla

Occupation: author, middle and high school science teacher, Gardner Betts Juvenile Detention Center (AISD)
Experience: author of books on philosophy and social practice; social justice faith groups (Austin Interfaith)
Issues: social justice practice and activism
(FB) Ricardo Turollols-Bonilla


Nicholas Lucier, anti-fluoride, pro-arts, Mushroom Tea Party activist, confirms that he intends to run in District 3, but has not yet filed a campaign treasurer designation; Sabino "Pio" Renteria, community and neighborhood activist, has also said he will run.

The Road to 10-1 ... Is Getting Crowded [Updated May 12]

DISTRICT 4 (North/Central)

District 4 incorporates a small area of Windsor Park on its south end, runs westward to Lamar just below Koenig, then stretches a long way north to Braker Lane. That covers a broad range of neighborhoods, from traditional single-family residential to multifamily and commercial along Rundberg Lane (the "lanes" being remnants of a much earlier, rural era); it is also drawn to be a potential Hispanic opportunity district.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 20.8%, African-American: 9.5%, Hispanic/Latino: 65.2%, Asian & other: 4.5%
Registered voters: 27,440; Est. 2012 turnout: 41.9%

Greg Casar

Occupation: community organizer (Workers Defense Project)
Experience: civic activist; workers rights organizer
Issues: affordability, job quality, immigration, equal access to services
(FB) Gregorio Casar for City Council

Katrina Daniel

Occupation: associate state insurance commissioner
Experience: board member Central Health District; served as Highland NA president; state government and public policy work
Issues: responsible development, traffic, small business/job growth, crime control
(FB) KatrinaDanielATX

Monica Guzmán

Occupation: community organizer
Experience:community activist, community relations consultant
Issues: public education, housing affordability and safety, community health care, immigration
(FB) Monica Guzmán for Austin City Council, District 4

Marco Mancillas

Occupation: public relations consultant
Experience: legislative staffer; campaign consultant; former executive director, Hispanic Physicians Association; member of city advisory committees
Issues: business entrepreneurship, public safety, education, infrastructure
(FB) Elect Marco Mancillas – Austin City Council District 4

Sharon Mays*

Occupation: marketing consultant, Realtor
Experience: entrepreneur; longtime community activist; chair, North Austin Community Garden
Issues: affordability, transportation, responsible growth, public safety, water, district representation
(FB) Sharon Mays

Laura Pressley

Occupation: owner, Pure Rain company (bottled water)
Experience: president of Windsor Hills NA, co-secretary Austin Neighborhoods Council, community activist
Issues: affordability, neighborhood integrity and safety, job development, traffic, environment, education
(FB) Laura Pressley Campaign

Gabe Rojas

Occupation: urban planner, RPS Espey Consultants
Experience: civic activist; city commissioner (Zoning and Platting, transition task force); North Austin Civic Association member
Issues: transportation, taxes, public safety
(FB) Gabe Rojas for Austin District 4


Recent Texas State graduate Manuel A. Muñoz says he will run, and Goodwill Industries project coordinator and neighborhood activist Roberto Perez Jr. continues to consider a run. And Chelsea Brass, who had filed a CTD in this race, has decided instead to throw her support to Katrina Daniel.

DISTRICT 5 (Central/South)

District 5 runs in a fairly narrow pattern from Lady Bird Lake on the north side, through Barton Hills, and southward around Sunset Valley, incorporating Onion Creek to the east and reaching nearly to Buda (including a city-incorporated island to the east). One would expect the neighborhoods to the north to dominate the first year's voting, but that might change over time.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 59.5%, African-American: 4.2%, Hispanic/Latino: 31.0%, Asian & other: 5.3%
Registered voters: 56,848; Est. 2012 turnout: 52.2%

Dan Buda

Occupation: Realtor, Full Spectrum Realty
Experience: former chief of staff to state Sen. Wendy Davis; committee director for state Sen. Mario Gallegos
Issues: public safety, managing rapid growth, transportation
(FB) Dan Buda

Jason R. Denny

Occupation:state agency employee, General Land Office
Experience: Exec. Director, Texas Young Republicans, community and veterans advocate
Issues: crime, transportation, water
(FB) Denny for District 5, Austin City Council

Ann Kitchen

Occupation: president, Health & Community Strategies (health care information exchange)
Experience: former state legislator; health care advocate; Liveable City leader
Issues: health care, environmental protection, affordability, education
(FB) Ann Kitchen

Mike Rodriguez

Occupation:Air Force veteran, retired financial advisor
Experience: former president, South Austin Civic Club, American Legionnaire, treasurer/trustee national nonprofit foundation, 10-1 activist
Issues: Pending
Web sites: Pending


2012 Council candidate Dominic Chavez, architect and civic activist Jeff Jack, and attorney Dave Floyd are said to be in the mix as well, but have not yet declared.

DISTRICT 6 (Northwest/West)

District 6 sprawls from Brushy Creek near Round Rock and Cedar Park in the north, southward through Anderson Mill and the surrounding commercial areas, all the way down a corridor to Bee Caves Road (FM 2244) and around Steiner Ranch along the Colorado. But it is effectively a far-Northwest district, relatively wealthy, heavily Anglo, although with sizable percentages of Hispanics and Asians (15-16% each).

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 64.4%, African-American: 4.4%, Hispanic/Latino: 15.1%, Asian & other: 16.1%
Registered voters: 50,399; Est. 2012 turnout: 50.2%

Jimmy Flannigan

Occupation: small-business owner
Experience: former president, Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce; organizer, Northwest Austin Coalition
Issues: transportation, affordability, entrepreneurship, fiscal responsibility
(FB) Jimmy Flannigan for Austin City Council District 6

Pete Phillips Jr.

Occupation: consultant, homeland defense and disaster preparedness, Dept. of Defense
Experience: former staffer for U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry; former staffer for Asst. Sec. of Defense Paul McHale
Issues: transportation, water, education, affordable housing
No website yet

Matt Stillwell

Occupation: small-business owner
Experience: state House candidate (HD 136)
Issues: transportation, affordability, water, development
(FB) Matt Stillwell

Jay Wiley

Occupation: entrepreneur; attorney
Experience: former congressional and presidential aide; GOP campaign manager
Issues: tax relief, eliminating waste, ending plastic bag ban, business deregulation, transportation (roads only)
(FB) Jay Wiley

DISTRICT 7 (North/Central)

District 7, with a narrow southern boundary at 45th Street, is rooted in the near-North neighborhood of Allandale, but runs northward along Burnet Road all the way up to Howard Lane and beyond, with a northeastern boundary at Dessau Road. The range of neighborhoods is akin to District 4, and candidates will need to do a lot of traveling and consider a range of neighborhood interests.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 57.6%, African-American: 7.8%, Hispanic/Latino: 22.4%, Asian & other: 12.1%
Registered voters: 52,370; Est. 2012 turnout: 51.5%

Jeb Boyt

Occupation: attorney
Experience: parks and transportation advocate; Hill Country Conservancy board member; city commissioner; former state agency staffer
Issues: transportation, parks, open space
(FB) Jeb Boyt for Austin City Council

Ed English

Occupation: retired sales and marketing professional
Experience: member of Northwest Austin Coalition and Austinites for Geographic Representation
Issues: transportation, affordability
(FB) Ed English

Josiah Ingalls

Occupation: president, Austin Area Landscaping
Experience: candidate for mayor (2009), Council (2011), and State Board of Education (2010)
Issues: neighborhood preservation, crime prevention, public space improvement
(FB) Josiah James Ingalls

Jimmy Paver

Occupation: development director, Stepping Stone Schools (family business)
Experience: former congressional (Rep. Lloyd Doggett) and state House (Rep. Mark Strama) aide
Issues: transportation, affordability, fiscal values
(FB) Jimmy Paver for Austin City Council District 7

Pete Salazar Jr.

Occupation: former employment specialist, Caritas of Austin
Experience: Caritas representation on Ending Community Homeless Coalition (housing, veterans, employment committees); similar work previously in Las Vegas
Issues: responsible growth, transportation access, helping local businesses
(FB) Pete Is Austin

Melissa Zone

Occupation: senior urban planner, Travis County
Experience: transportation and water resource planner; co-author, Colorado River Corridor Plan; legislative analysis; public engagement and outreach
Issues: neighborhood preservation, affordability, transportation, health & safety, environmental protection
Web sites: Pending


UT-Austin student and Amazon employee Alex Blum says he intends to run, but has not yet filed a treasurer designation, and college athletic scout Christopher Montoya has also indicated he intends to run.

The Road to 10-1 ... Is Getting Crowded [Updated May 12]

DISTRICT 8 (South/Southwest)

District 8 is the most southwest district, although its northern boundary is the Colorado River at MoPac, hooking around Rollingwood to Zilker Park. It runs southward through population centers at Oak Hill and Circle C Ranch, incorporating the Wildflower Center and on to Hays County, and westward along Hwy. 71 to the Barton Creek Preserve. (Together, Districts 6, 8, and 10 represent the western "commuter" districts.)

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 69.7%, African-American: 2.2%, Hispanic/Latino: 17.7%, Asian & other: 10.4%
Registered voters: 54,206; Est. 2012 turnout: 56.5%

Becky Bray

Occupation: project manager, Brown & Gay Engineers
Experience: board member, Real Estate Council of Austin; Capital Area Transportation Coalition; Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Issues: transportation, fiscal responsibility, affordability, water
No website yet

Eliza May

Occupation: public policy consultant
Experience: longtime civic activist
Issues: pending
(FB) Eliza May

Darrell Pierce

Occupation: president and CEO, SNAP Management consulting firm
Experience: former state agency administrator (General Services Commission); Council candidate (2006); city commissioner (Planning Commission, Transit Working Group); civic volunteer
Issues: efficiency, basic services, affordability, economic diversity
(FB) Darrell Pierce for Austin City Council Dist. 8

Ed Scruggs

Occupation: clinical research associate
Experience: neighborhood advocate; civic activist; former Circle C HOA director
Issues: affordability, open space/parks, protecting Southwest Austin
(FB) Ed Scruggs for Austin City Council District 8

DISTRICT 9 (Central)

District 9 is a central city district that is anchored Downtown, runs northward to 51st Street, eastward to incorporate the Mueller neighborhood, and southward across the river to Travis Heights. Its western boundary is roughly MoPac and Lamar (north of West Campus); to the east it catches a bit of UT and, east of I-35, picks up the Delwood neighborhood en route to Mueller.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 66.8%, African-American: 3.5%, Hispanic/Latino: 17.2%, Asian & other: 12.6%
Registered voters: 60,945; Est. 2012 turnout: 44.2%

Erin McGann

Occupation: program supervisor (community re-entry), Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Experience: Citizens Review Panel (Office of Police Monitor); professional work in human services and public safety; basic needs coordination
Issues: transportation infrastructure, livability, simplified regulation, business/education volunteerism
(FB) Erin McGann, Austin District 9

Chris Riley

Occupation: City Council member (since 2009); attorney
Experience: Council membership; city commissioner (Planning Commission, Downtown Commission, etc.); co-founder and former president, Downtown Austin NA
Issues: economy & environment; transportation; preserving Austin's character (affordability, art, human services)
(FB) Chris Riley for Austin City Council

Kathie Tovo

Occupation: City Council member (since 2011)
Experience: Council membership; former president, Bouldin Creek NA; former vice president, Austin Neighborhoods Council; city commissioner (Planning Commission, Families and Children Task Force, etc.); Austin ISD Committee on Neighborhoods and Schools
Issues: affordability, neighborhood schools, transportation
(FB) Kathie Tovo

DISTRICT 10 (West/Northwest)

District 10 incorporates the residential neighborhoods west of MoPac from just below the Colorado and as far north as U.S. 183, and westward including Emma Long Metropolitan Park. It also includes Tarrytown, Camp Mabry, and some of the Rosedale neighborhood east of MoPac, plus the hillside neighborhoods on the south side of the Colorado, and some of the tech business complexes along 2222. The population centers are split between northern and southern neighborhoods.

2010 Demographic Snapshot:

Anglo: 78.3%, African-American: 1.7%, Hispanic/Latino: 9.3%, Asian & other: 10.8%
Registered voters: 61,899; Est. 2012 turnout: 59.3%

Margie Burciaga

Occupation: business owner, Image Consulting Austin
Experience: schools advocate; neighborhood organization member; Leadership Austin member
Issues: transportation, property crime control, taxation, affordability
(FB) Margie Presley Burciaga

Tina Cannon

Occupation: partner, Napkin Venture (entrepreneur advisory firm); director of client relations, Tuggey Calvoz law firm
Experience: Council candidate (2012); entrepreneur-in-residence (Texas State Univ.); financial auditor and business consultant
Issues: property tax appraisals, water and conservation, emergency preparedness (wildfires), affordability, transportation
(FB) Elect Tina Cannon – City Council District 10

Mandy Dealey

Occupation: civic activist
Experience: city commissioner (Planning Commission, Waterfront Overlay, etc.); former board chair, Mental Health Association, Planned Parenthood, Texas Lyceum, and Preservation Austin; current chair of KMFA-FM
Issues: water, transportation, affordability, neighborhood preservation
(FB) Mandy Dealey for Austin City Council Place 10

Sheri Gallo

Occupation: Realtor, business owner (Private Properties agency)
Experience: Commissioners Court candidate (2002); former chair, Housing Authority of Austin; former board member, Real Estate Council of Austin
Issues: transportation and mobility, affordability and taxation, water (drought and wildfires), core services (public safety and infrastructure)
No website yet

Matt Lamon

Occupation: chief of staff, state Rep. J.M. Lozano (R-Kingsville)
Experience: legislative staffer
Issues: district representation, transportation infrastructure, efficiency, cost of living
No website yet

Robert Thomas

Occupation: business consultant
Experience: state House candidate, HD48 (2012)
Issues: transportation, taxation, affordability
(FB) Robert Thomas Campaign


Jason Meeker, Zoning and Platting commissioner and former Council candidate (2008), is considering another run, but has not yet made a decision.

Sources: City of Austin demographic data, provided by demographer Ryan Robinson, and derived from the 2010 U.S. Census; supplemented by registered voter information compiled by Mark Littlefield of Littlefield Consultants. 2010 turnout estimates are based on the votes for Prop. 3 (the 10-1 proposition), and are approximate because of some split precincts in the various districts.

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