City of Austin "Major Events" Roster

400 days’ worth of events

A spreadsheet provided by the city lists some 196 “Major Events," with about a quarter of them being multiday. There's a total of over 400 days' worth of events in all, and there's at least one major event going on every weekend of the year – ranging from ACL Fest to the Zman Challenge, from the Commitment Day 5K on Jan. 1 to the New Year's Celebration on Dec. 31. The full list is posted here in chronological order and then again in alphabetical order.

EventStart DateEnd Date
Commitment Day 5K**New1/1/20131/1/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)1/5/20131/5/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)1/5/20131/5/2013
Farmer's Market1/5/20131/5/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)1/12/20131/12/2013
3M 1/2 Marathon1/13/20131/13/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)1/19/20131/19/2013
Gorilla Run1/19/20131/19/2013
MLK Community Celebration1/21/20131/21/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)1/26/20131/26/2013
Farmer's Market1/26/20131/26/2013
Texas Rally for Life**1/26/20131/26/2013
Dell Children's Gala1/26/20131/27/2013
Rogue 30K**New1/27/20131/27/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)2/2/20132/2/2013
Boy Scout Parade2/2/20132/2/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)2/9/20132/9/2013
Mardi Gras2/9/20132/9/2013
Cupid's Undie Walk2/9/20132/9/2013
Mardi Gras2/12/20132/12/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)2/16/20132/16/2013
Jeep Grand Cherokee Launch _ Brazos Hall2/16/20132/25/2013
Austin Livestrong Marathon2/17/20132/17/2013
March for Humane Immigration Reform2/22/20132/22/2013
Boys and Girls Club of Austin - Feer Festival2/23/20132/23/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)2/23/20132/23/2013
Save TX Schools March**2/23/20132/23/2013
Day of the Fallen**2/27/20132/27/2013
Star of Texas Rodeo Cowboy Breakfast (typically will be held on the 1st Friday of March)3/1/20133/1/2013
COTA Event - Grand Am Rolex Series3/1/20133/3/2013
Austin Rowing Club - Heart of Texas Regatta3/2/20133/3/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)3/2/20133/2/2013
Texas Independence Day 5K & Parade3/2/20133/2/2013
Zilker Kite Festival3/3/20133/3/2013
My Medicaid March**3/5/20133/5/2013
SXSW Festival 3/8/20133/17/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)3/9/20133/9/2013
TX March for LGBT Justice**3/10/20133/10/2013
The Fort3/12/20133/16/2013
Yard Dog Parties3/14/20133/16/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)3/16/20133/16/2013
Musical March for Peace**3/16/20133/16/2013
Fado's St Patrick's Day Festival3/17/20133/18/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)3/22/20133/22/2013
Mighty Texas Dog Walk3/23/20133/23/2013
The Rosedale Ride3/23/20133/23/2013
Mighty Texas Dog Walk 20133/23/20133/23/2013
Cesar Chavez March**3/23/20133/23/2013
HONK! TX**3/24/20133/24/2013
TX Vietnam Vets Monument3/25/20133/25/2013
Urban Fest3/29/20133/30/2013
Stations of the Cross3/29/20133/29/2013
Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays3/29/20133/30/2013
BJ Joyce Parade3/29/20133/29/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)3/30/20133/30/2013
Ruff Riders3/30/20133/30/2013
St James Mission 5K3/30/20133/30/2013
Lonestar Rod and Kustom Roundup Custom Car Show4/5/20134/6/2013
Austin American Statesman Jr. Dillo4/6/20134/6/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)4/6/20134/6/2013
Mayfield Park Trowel and Error4/6/20134/6/2013
Texas Vegefest4/6/20134/6/2013
Statesman Jr Dillo4/6/20134/6/2013
Zilker Garden Festival4/6/20134/7/2013
Austin American Statesman Capitol 10K4/7/20134/7/2013
Lobby Day March**4/10/20134/10/2013
Art City Austin4/12/20134/14/2013
Alley Activation4/13/20134/21/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)4/13/20134/13/2013
Keep Austin Beautiful - Clean Sweep4/13/20134/13/2013
South Asian New Year (typically the 2nd wekeend in April) 4/13/20134/13/2013
St. Paul and Redeemer Lutheran Church4/13/20134/13/2013
Longhorn Run4/13/20134/13/2013
Austin 10/204/14/20134/14/2013
Paul Revere Ride for Liberty**4/18/20134/18/2013
COTA EVENT - MotoGP4/19/20134/21/2013
Austin Reggae Fest4/19/20134/21/2013
Bengali Assocation - Bengali New Year Celebration4/20/20134/20/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)4/20/20134/20/2013
SHAPE Diva Dash (Josh Kravetz)4/20/20134/20/2013
St. Austin Catholic Church 4/20/20134/20/2013
TX Baseball/Softball Block Party4/20/20134/20/2013
BP MS1504/21/20134/21/2013
Austin Food and Wine Festival4/26/20134/28/2013
Asian American Cultural Center - Dragon Boat Races4/27/20134/27/2013
Austin Rowing Club - Texas Rowing Championships4/27/20134/28/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)4/27/20134/27/2013
Fight For Air Climb4/27/20134/27/2013
Texas Round-Up4/27/20134/27/2013
Eeyores Birthday Party4/27/20134/27/2013
Schlotzsky's Bun Run4/28/20134/28/2013
Cap 2 K Swim5/4/20135/4/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)5/4/20135/4/2013
Fiestas Patrias - Cinco de Mayo5/4/20135/5/2013
March of Dimes Walk for Babies5/4/20135/4/2013
Chuy's Hot to Trot 5K & Kid K5/4/20135/4/2013
March of Dimes5/4/20135/4/2013
Pecan St Fest -Spring 5/4/20135/5/2013
The Rookie Triathlon5/5/20135/5/2013
LaCondesa Cinco De Mayo5/5/20135/5/2013
March for Immigration Reform5/5/20135/5/2013
Texas Marijuana March5/5/20135/5/2013
TX Peace Officer's Memorial Parade5/6/20135/6/2013
Pachanga Music Festival5/10/20135/11/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)5/11/20135/11/2013
Paramount & State Gala5/11/20135/12/2013
MALC 40th Anniversary5/15/20135/15/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the Park5/16/20135/16/2013
COTA EVENT - V8 Super Cars Texas 4005/17/20135/19/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)5/18/20135/18/2013
UT Spring Commencement5/18/20135/18/2013
I tri @ the J5/19/20135/19/2013
Viva Streets5/19/20135/19/2013
ASO Young People's Concerts5/20/20135/28/2013
MALC Sine Die Street Party5/24/20135/24/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)5/25/20135/25/2013
March Against Monsanto**5/25/20135/25/2013
Life Time Tri CapTex 5/27/20135/27/2013
Blues on the Green5/29/20135/29/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)6/1/20136/1/2013
Corpus Christi Procession - Catholic Diocese of Austin6/2/20136/2/2013
ESPN X Games Welcome Rally6/5/20136/5/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the Park6/6/20136/6/2013
ATX Television Festival6/6/20136/6/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)6/8/20136/8/2013
Blues on the Green6/12/20136/12/2013
Republic of Texas Biker Rally - use of Walter Long for ancillary tent camping area6/13/20136/16/2013
Moonlight Margarita Run6/13/20136/13/2013
TX Boys State Parade6/14/20136/14/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)6/15/20136/15/2013
Farmer's Market6/15/20136/15/2013
GEAYA Juneteenth Parade and Festival6/19/20136/19/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)6/22/20136/22/2013
Farmer's Market6/22/20136/22/2013
Keep Austin Weird6/22/20136/22/2013
Blues on the Green6/26/20136/26/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)6/29/20136/29/2013
4th of July in the Barrio6/29/20136/29/2013
Austin Symphony's 4th of July7/4/20137/4/2013
BHNA 4th of July Parade7/4/20137/4/2013
Neighborhood 4th of July Parades7/4/20137/4/2013
Hancock Neighborhood Assoc. 4th of July Parade7/4/20137/4/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)7/6/20137/6/2013
Blues on the Green7/10/20137/10/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the Park7/11/20137/11/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)7/13/20137/13/2013
Couples Challenge7/14/20137/14/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)7/20/20137/20/2013
Blues on the Green7/24/20137/24/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)7/27/20137/27/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)8/3/20138/3/2013
Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Diocese Procession8/3/20138/3/2013
Blues on the Green8/7/20138/7/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)8/10/20138/10/2013
Univision - Premios Tejas8/15/20138/15/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)8/17/20138/17/2013
Lyons Advertising - Ice Cream Festival8/17/20138/17/2013
Back to School Parade8/18/20138/18/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)8/24/20138/24/2013
9th Annual Bat Fest8/24/20138/24/2013
Austin Chronicle - Hot Sauce Festival 8/25/20138/25/2013
Zilker Relays8/30/20138/30/2013
Bevo Blvd.8/31/20138/31/2013
ESPN College Game Day8/31/20138/31/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)8/31/20138/31/2013
Tri Rock Austin9/2/20139/2/2013
AISD Invitational (formerly at Zilker)9/6/20139/6/2013
Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation - Pride Festival9/7/20139/7/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)9/7/20139/7/2013
Pride Rainbow Run9/7/20139/7/2013
Austin Pride Parade9/7/20139/7/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the Park9/12/20139/12/2013
Diez Y Seis (City of Austin cosponsored event)9/13/20139/13/2013
Bevo Blvd9/14/20139/14/2013
ESPN College Game Day9/14/20139/14/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)9/14/20139/14/2013
Fiestas Patris - Diez y Seis9/14/20139/15/2013
PurpleStride 5K & Kids K9/14/20139/14/2013
COTA American Le Mans Series9/19/20139/21/2013
Bevo Blvd9/21/20139/21/2013
ESPN College Game Day9/21/20139/21/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)9/21/20139/21/2013
CASA Superhero Run9/21/20139/21/2013
COTA FIA World Endurance Championship9/22/20139/22/2013
Silicon Labs Marathon Relay9/22/20139/22/2013
Car2Go Marathon Relay9/22/20139/22/2013
Craft Brewer's Festival9/28/20139/28/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)9/28/20139/28/2013
NAMI 5K9/28/20139/28/2013
Pecan St Fest - Fall9/28/20139/29/2013
Luke's Locker Downtown Classic 10K**Denied9/29/20139/29/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)10/1/201310/1/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Cocktails in the Park10/2/201310/2/2013
Presents ACL Shuttle Location10/3/201310/13/2013
ACL Festival10/4/201310/6/2013
ACL Load-In (approximately 2.5 weeks set up time)10/4/201310/6/2013
IBM Uptown Classic10/6/201310/6/2013
ACL Festival10/11/201310/13/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)10/12/201310/12/2013
AISD - District Cross Country Meet (4A and 5A) (per Charles) Susan Murphy10/18/201310/18/2013
Capital to Coast Relay10/18/201310/18/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)10/19/201310/19/2013
Walk to End Alzheimer's10/19/201310/19/2013
Austin Heart Walk10/19/201310/19/2013
Viva la Vida10/19/201310/19/2013
LiveStrong Challenge10/20/201310/20/2013
AIDS Walk10/20/201310/20/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the Park10/24/201310/24/2013
Austin Film Fest10/24/201310/31/2013
TX Book Fest10/24/201310/28/2013
La Dolce Vita10/24/201310/24/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)10/26/201310/26/2013
Longhorn Ironman and Festival10/26/201310/27/2013
Run for the Water10/27/201310/27/2013
Texas-Sized Pittie Pride Parade10/27/201310/27/2013
ASO Kinder Concerts10/28/201310/29/2013
Planet K - Halloween Fireworks10/31/201310/31/2013
Austin Celtic Festival11/2/201311/3/2013
Bevo Blvd11/2/201311/2/2013
ESPN College Game Day11/2/201311/2/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)11/2/201311/2/2013
Annual March to Abolish the Death Penality11/3/201311/3/2013
Kid Kahuna**Withdrawn11/3/201311/3/2013
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the Park11/7/201311/7/2013
Fun Fun Fun Fest - Auditorium Shores11/8/201311/10/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)11/9/201311/9/2013
Light the Night Walk11/9/201311/9/2013
Race for the Cure11/10/201311/10/2013
COTA Fan Fest11/14/201311/17/2013
COTA EVENT - Formula 1 Grand Prix 201311/15/201311/17/2013
F1 Shuttles11/15/201311/17/2013
Bevo Blvd11/16/201311/16/2013
ESPN College Game Day11/16/201311/16/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)11/16/201311/16/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)11/23/201311/23/2013
Fiesta Patronal de Cristo Rey11/24/201311/24/2013
Bevo Blvd11/28/201311/28/2013
ESPN College Game Day11/28/201311/28/2013
Turkey Trot11/28/201311/28/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)11/30/201311/30/2013
Chuy's Children Giving to Children Parade11/30/201311/30/2013
Zilker Holiday Tree - Lighting Ceremony (first Sunday in December)12/1/201312/1/2013
Zman Challenge (formerly UT NROTC Iron Man Challenge - Faith Zimmerman12/2/201312/31/2013
Lights of Love 5K12/6/201312/6/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)12/7/201312/7/2013
Downtown Holiday Stroll12/7/201312/7/2013
Nutcracker School Shows**Internet Pending12/10/201312/12/2013
Trail of Lights(Dates Pending)
Farmers Market (every Saturday)12/14/201312/14/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)12/21/201312/21/2013
Farmers Market (every Saturday)12/28/201312/28/2013
Austin's New Year12/31/201312/31/2013

3M 1/2 MarathonJan. 13
4th of July in the BarrioJune 29
9th Annual Bat FestAug. 24
ACL FestivalOct. 4-6 (three days)
ACL FestivalOct. 11-13 (three days)
ACL Load-In (approximately 2.5 weeks set up time)Oct. 4-6 (three days)
AIDS WalkOct. 20
AISD - District Cross Country Meet (4A and 5A)Oct. 18
AISD Invitational (formerly at Zilker)Sept. 6
Alley ActivationApr. 13-21 (nine days)
Annual March to Abolish the Death PenalityNov. 3
Art City AustinApr. 12-14 (three days)
Asian American Cultural Center - Dragon Boat RacesApr. 27
ASO Kinder ConcertsOct. 28-29 (two days)
ASO Young People's ConcertsMay 20-28 (nine days)
ATX Television FestivalJune 6
Austin 10/20Apr. 14
Austin American Statesman Capitol 10KApr. 7
Austin American Statesman Jr. DilloApr. 6
Austin Celtic FestivalNov. 2-3 (two days)
Austin Chronicle - Hot Sauce Festival Aug. 25
Austin Film FestOct. 24-31 (eight days)
Austin Food and Wine FestivalApr. 26-28 (three days)
Austin Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation - Pride FestivalSept. 7
Austin Heart WalkOct. 19
Austin Livestrong MarathonFeb. 17
Austin Parks Foundation - Cocktails in the ParkOct. 2
Austin Parks Foundation - Movies in the ParkMay 16 (x6, seasonal)
Austin Pride ParadeSept. 7
Austin Reggae FestApr. 19-21 (three days)
Austin Rowing Club - Heart of Texas RegattaMar. 2-3 (two days)
Austin Rowing Club - Texas Rowing ChampionshipsApr. 27-28 (two days)
Austin Symphony's 4th of JulyJuly 4
Austin's New YearDec. 31
Back to School ParadeAug. 18
Bengali Assocation - Bengali New Year CelebrationApr. 20
Bevo Blvd.Aug. 31 (x6, thru Dec.)
BHNA 4th of July ParadeJuly 4
BJ Joyce ParadeMar. 29
Blues on the GreenMay 29 (x6, seasonal)
Boy Scout ParadeFeb. 2
Boys and Girls Club of Austin - Feer FestivalFeb. 23
BP MS150Apr. 21
Cap 2 K SwimMay 4
Capital to Coast RelayOct. 18
Car2Go Marathon RelaySept. 22
CASA Superhero RunSept. 21
Cesar Chavez March**Mar. 23
Chuy's Children Giving to Children ParadeNov. 30
Chuy's Hot to Trot 5K & Kid KMay 4
Clyde Littlefield Texas RelaysMar. 29-30 (two days)
Commitment Day 5K**NewJan. 1
Corpus Christi Procession - Catholic Diocese of AustinJune 2
COTA - American Le Mans SeriesSept. 19-21 (three days)
COTA - FIA World Endurance ChampionshipSept. 22
COTA EVENT - Formula 1 Grand Prix 2013Nov. 15-17 (three days)
COTA Event - Grand Am Rolex SeriesMar. 1-3 (three days)
COTA EVENT - MotoGPApr. 19-21 (three days)
COTA EVENT - V8 Super Cars Texas 400May 17-19 (three days)
COTA Fan FestNov. 14-17 (four days)
Couples ChallengeJuly 14
Craft Brewer's FestivalSept. 28
Cupid's Undie WalkFeb. 9
Day of the Fallen**Feb. 27
Dell Children's GalaJan. 26-27 (two days)
Diez Y Seis (City of Austin cosponsored event)Sept. 13
Downtown Holiday StrollDec. 7
Eeyores Birthday PartyApr. 27
ESPN College Game DayAug. 31 (x6, thru Dec.)
ESPN X Games Welcome RallyJune 5
F1 ShuttlesNov. 15-17 (three days)
Fado's St Patrick's Day FestivalMar. 17-18 (two days)
Farmers Market (every Saturday)Jan. 5 (x57, weekly)
Fiesta Patronal de Cristo ReyNov. 24
Fiestas Patrias - Cinco de MayoMay 4-5 (two days)
Fiestas Patrias - Diez y SeisSept. 14-15 (two days)
Fight For Air ClimbApr. 27
Fun Fun Fun Fest - Auditorium ShoresNov. 8-10 (three days)
GEAYA Juneteenth Parade and FestivalJune 19
Gorilla RunJan. 19
Hancock Neighborhood Assoc. 4th of July ParadeJuly 4
HONK! TX**Mar. 24
I tri @ the JMay 19
IBM Uptown ClassicOct. 6
Jeep Grand Cherokee Launch _ Brazos HallFeb. 16-25 (10 days)
JuneteenthJune 15
Keep Austin Beautiful - Clean SweepApr. 13
Keep Austin WeirdJune 22
Kid Kahuna**WithdrawnNov. 3
La Dolce VitaOct. 24
LaCondesa Cinco De MayoMay 5
Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Diocese ProcessionAug. 3
Life Time Tri CapTex May 27
Light the Night WalkNov. 9
Lights of Love 5KDec. 6
LiveStrong ChallengeOct. 20
Lobby Day March**Apr. 10
Lonestar Rod and Kustom Roundup Custom Car ShowApr. 5-6 (two days)
Longhorn Ironman and FestivalOct. 26-27 (two days)
Longhorn RunApr. 13
Luke's Locker Downtown Classic 10K**DeniedSept. 29
Lyons Advertising - Ice Cream FestivalAug. 17
MALC 40th AnniversaryMay 15
MALC Sine Die Street PartyMay 24
March Against Monsanto**May 25
March for Humane Immigration ReformFeb. 22
March for Immigration ReformMay 5
March of Dimes Walk for BabiesMay 4
Mardi GrasFeb. 9
Mardi GrasFeb. 12
Mayfield Park Trowel and ErrorApr. 6
Mighty Texas Dog Walk 2013Mar. 23
MLK Community CelebrationJan. 21
Moonlight Margarita RunJune 13
Musical March for Peace**Mar. 16
My Medicaid March**Mar. 5
NAMI 5KSept. 28
Neighborhood 4th of July ParadesJuly 4
Nutcracker School Shows**Internet PendingDec. 10-12 (three days)
Pachanga Music FestivalMay 10-11 (two days)
Paramount & State GalaMay 11-12 (two days)
Paul Revere Ride for Liberty**Apr. 18
Pecan St Fest - FallSept. 28-29 (two days)
Pecan St Fest -Spring May 4-5 (two days)
Planet K - Halloween FireworksOct. 31
Presents ACL Shuttle LocationOct. 3-13 (11 days)
Pride Rainbow RunSept. 7
PurpleStride 5K & Kids KSept. 14
QueerbombJune 1
Race for the CureNov. 10
Republic of Texas Rally: use of Walter Long for camping June 13-16 (four days)
Rogue 30K**NewJan. 27
Ruff RidersMar. 30
Run for the WaterOct. 27
Save TX Schools March**Feb. 23
Schlotzsky's Bun RunApr. 28
SHAPE Diva Dash (Josh Kravetz)Apr. 20
Silicon Labs Marathon RelaySept. 22
South Asian New Year (typically the 2nd wekeend in Apr.) Apr. 13
St James Mission 5KMar. 30
St. Austin Catholic Church Apr. 20
St. Paul and Redeemer Lutheran ChurchApr. 13
Star of Texas Rodeo Cowboy BreakfastMar. 1
Statesman Jr DilloApr. 6
Stations of the CrossMar. 29
SXSW Festival Mar. 8-17 (10 days)
Texas Independence Day 5K & ParadeMar. 2
Texas Marijuana MarchMay 5
Texas Rally for Life**Jan. 26
Texas Round-UpApr. 27
Texas VegefestApr. 6
Texas-Sized Pittie Pride ParadeOct. 27
The FortMar. 12-16 (five days)
The Rookie TriathlonMay 5
The Rosedale RideMar. 23
Tri Rock AustinSept. 2
Trail of Lights (Dates Pending)
Turkey TrotNov. 28
TX Baseball/Softball Block PartyApr. 20
TX Book FestOct. 24-28 (five days)
TX Boys State ParadeJune 14
TX March for LGBT Justice**Mar. 10
TX Peace Officer's Memorial ParadeMay 6
TX Vietnam Vets MonumentMar. 25
Univision - Premios TejasAug. 15
Urban FestMar. 29-30 (two days)
UT Spring CommencementMay 18
Viva la VidaOct. 19
Viva StreetsMay 19
Walk to End Alzheimer'sOct. 19
Yard Dog PartiesMar. 14-16 (three days)
Zilker Garden FestivalApr. 6-7 (two days)
Zilker Holiday Tree - Lighting CeremonyDec. 1
Zilker Kite FestivalMar. 3
Zilker RelaysAug. 30
Zman Challenge (formerly UT NROTC Iron Man Challenge)Dec. 2-31 (30 days)

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