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Politics Gift Guide, Part II

By Jordan Smith and Michael King, December 7, 2012, News

Lady Bird Johnson Centennial Stamp

$2.70 for five,

Have a philatelist, environmentalist, or native Texan on your shopping list? Consider the centennial stamp commemorating Texas legend Lady Bird Johnson. The U.S. Postal Service has released a stunning set of stamps to commemorate not only Lady Bird's life – she would have been 100 this month – but the lasting impact of her quest to beautify America. The six-stamp set features flowers and trees near U.S. landmarks – such as the Washington Monument – plus a classic portrait of the 36th first lady. Collector stamps and stamp sets are available online. – Jordan Smith

The Squirrel


Although this isn't exactly a gift you can stick under the tree, for the pot smoker with everything, you may want to consider investing in the future this season. Stocks? Bonds? Health insurance? No, we're talking the Squirrel, a stash box that looks like a cell phone charger. The Squirrel is the first in a series of functional items to store your, uh, valuables in for travel. Created by local comedian and writer Mario DiGiorgio, the Squirrel is still in production – and since DiGiorgio and his Squirrel were kicked off of Kickstart­er, he's taken to YouTube to drum up business for the product. Invest now (just $15) and if all goes well, you'll get your Squirrel this spring; if it doesn't fly, he'll give your money back. Or, if you're one of those immediate-satisfaction types, consider DiGiorgio's other business, One Kolor Designs, a local T-shirt business – for people who like to wear shirts. The designs are simple, funny, and often ironic. – J.S.

Middle East Children's Alliance

One tiny but telling way to act for peace in Gaza is through the Middle East Children's Alliance, which, among other important work, offers books, crafts, and other materials for holiday sale. You can give emergency aid directly, or "Shop Palestine: Beautiful Crafts from Across the Middle East." Pictured is the cover of A Child's View From Gaza, a collection of Palestinian children's art, with a foreword by Alice Walker. – Michael King

The Urinator


If you want to be ready for any contingency in the New Year, the Urinator is just the thing. With this body concealer/warmer and the synthetic, chemically clean concentrate that accompanies it, you can be ready anytime anybody – like a Texas governor – wants you to pee in a cup. And remember, the Urinator is sold only for "the specific purpose of protecting your genetic information." "We do not sell for drug testing; don't even ask." Besides, at $149.95, TANF recipients and the unemployed are not the target demographic. Comes with one free sample of "Dr. John's Pee Pee." – M.K.

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