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Court of Criminal Appeals Re-Elects 'Killer' Keller

By Jordan Smith, November 9, 2012, News

Amazingly, voters on Tuesday night chose to re-elect Court of Criminal Appeals GOP Presiding Judge Sharon "Killer" Keller – overlooking her ethical lapses (such as the 2010 failure to disclose to the Texas Ethics Commission millions of dollars in personal assets, and more infamously declaring in 2007 that the courthouse closes at 5pm, effectively foreclosing a death row inmate's ability to appeal) and the fact that she chose not to campaign and instead sat back and let the "R" next to her name do the work for her. Keith Hampton may have lost the race, but he's still in the battle to restore balance to the statewide courts: "Vote Hampton 2014," he wrote in a postelection text message to the Chronicle.

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