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By Nick Barbaro, December 2, 2011, News

Austin Subway Map

$20; 18 inches by 24 inches; printed on bright-white, FSC-certified, 10% post-consumer recycled, 100-pound paper.

Austin Chronicle: Out of curiosity: Why Austin?

Transit Authority Fig­ures: This project started a few years ago as an absurdist fantasy with our focus on locales that would never have a subway system (i.e., Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Acadia National Park). But so much of the feedback we've received is from urban dwellers who pine for comprehensive mass transit service – so we decided to switch our focus to real cities with legitimate fantasies. Austin is an awesome city filled with rail-starved commuters and is known as an epicenter for exceptional contemporary design; it seemed the obvious choice. Also, a very tall, strong, tattooed woman once told us emphatically "You need to do Austin."

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