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Complaint Filed Over APA Purchase

D.A.'s Office reviews the complaint filed by a union member

By Jordan Smith, July 22, 2011, News

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg said Tuesday that she has received an official complaint alleging possible criminal improprieties related to the Austin Police Association's recent purchase of a new union hall, which we reported on earlier this month (see "Police Group at Odds Over Property Deal," July 1). Members of the union, including Lt. Kurt Rothert, believe that the union's board, led by President Wayne Vincent, improperly committed the union to buying a property on Wilcab Road in East Austin, dedicating more than $1 million in union dues to the purchase without first getting the approval of the union members, per the union bylaws; Vincent has said that the union leadership doesn't believe that it needed to put the deal to a vote of the full membership. Lehmberg says she has forwarded that complaint to her office's white-collar crime unit for review.

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