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Mayor's List: 30 Crucial Questions

April 8, 2011, News

1) What will be the exact route, including the river crossing, of phase one of the urban rail system?

2) What about phase two?

3) What is the anticipated route of subsequent expansions?

4) How much will construction of phase one cost?

5) Of phase two?

6) How much are subsequent expansions expected to cost on a per-mile basis?

7) How will construction costs of phase one be financed?

8) Of phase two?

9) Of subsequent expansions?

10) What entity will operate the system?

11) What will phase one cost to operate on an annual basis?

12) What about phase two?

13) What are subsequent phases expected to cost to operate annually?

14) How will the capital costs be financed?

15) How will the operational costs be financed?

16) What will it cost to ride?

17) What are the ridership projections for phase one?

18) For phase two?

19) For subsequent expansions?

20) Will the system help reduce traffic congestion Downtown?

21) What about outside of Downtown?

22) Will it reduce traffic congestion traveling in and out of Downtown?

23) What are the other benefits of the urban rail system to Austin and the region?

24) If approved in November 2012, when would construction of phase two begin?

25) If approved in November 2012, when would phase one be operational?

26) When would construction of phase two begin?

27) When would phase two be operational?

28) When would subsequent expansions be expected to begin?

29) What are the plans to mitigate the impact on vehicle traffic and local businesses during construction?

30) What are the major unknown factors that could significantly impact the answer to any of these questions?

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