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Mueller Takes the LEED: Sample Sustainable Features

November 20, 2009, News

Two Platinum, two Gold, and two Silver LEED-certified commercial buildings.

Highest concentration of homes with three-, four-, and five-star energy efficiency certification in the Austin Energy Green Building program.

About 75 acres of completed parks and open spaces – more than 50% of the planned 140 acres.

Of the national chains located in Mueller's retail center, required to conform to its high energy-efficiency standards, at least one has now adopted those standards nationally for all new stores.

Using the Austin Water Utility's "purple pipe" reclaimed water system.

Requires primarily native and drought-tolerant plants in all commercial, residential, and park landscaping; disallows plants designated as invasive species.

On-site Mueller Energy Center converts "waste heat" into free energy in the form of chilled water.

Home to Austin's largest public art project: SunFlowers: An Electric Garden, featuring solar panel "petals."

Rescued more than 500 mature, native pecan trees destined for destruction in a nearby county and transplanted them to Mueller open spaces.

Recycled the runways from the old airport.

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The LEED-ND Rating Scale

Possible points
Smart Location & Linkage 27
Neighborhood Pattern & Design44
Green Infrastructure & Buildings 29
Bonus points:
Innovation & Design Process 6
Regional Priority Credit 4
Total 100

The Mueller development scored 51 out of a possible 100 points to earn designation as a LEED Silver certified plan.

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