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The Making of an Endorsement

October 24, 2008, News

A Little Moment of History

10/15/08 12:51 AM

Richard Whittaker:

A little moment of history:

This isn't Brian Rodgers' first go at a charter amendment. He was part (along with Linda Curtis) of Austinites for a Little Less Corruption! -

which (reading Amy's reporting from the time) were the people that pushed for the campaign finance charter amendment in 1997. Rodgers was even one of the litigants suing the city to get the amendment on the ballot.

To quote Michael Clark Madison in 2002 in our own pages:

"Even backers of the most recent charter amendment -- campaign-finance reform, with its $100 limit on contributions to candidates, sponsored by the Austinites for a Little Less Corruption -- acknowledge it didn't work.Elections since have been dominated by incumbents, the personally wealthy, and mediagenic eccentrics, sometimes all in the same person. So, many of the same reformers have successfully petitioned for the Austin Fair Elections Act, a public-financing system, to be put to the voters on May 4."

Same crew, different charter amendment.

10/15/08 1:33 PM

Micahel King:

So that's how Mike Levy becomes mayor . . .

10/15/08 1:55 PM

Nick Barbaro:


10/15/08 2:02 PM

Michael King:

Like they called that old TV show: "You Asked For It!"

10/15/08 11:26 PM

Cindy Widner:

Why aren't y'all posting all this on our blog? It's a good read. At least at midnight.

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