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Allen Demling: In it to win it

By Wells Dunbar, February 15, 2008, News

A brutal brodown ensued last Saturday at Misprint Magazine's 2nd Annual Beard and Moustache contest. (Honestly, who doesn't long for that halcyon period of late-Nineties, early-Aughties scenestery, when bowl haircuts and lots of black were the hallmarks of hipsterdom, instead of the neon Manson Family look of today? But I digress.)

City Council candidate and beard farmer Allen Demling did such a job of psyching out his Place 1 opponents – incumbent Lee Leffingwell and recently declared Jason Meeker – that neither entered. Here's his gloating press release:

AUSTIN, TX – Future City Councilman Allen "Councilman" Demling announced today that he welcomes Jason Meeker to the race for City Council Place 1.

"I welcome Jason to the race and I hope he has enough time to catch up on the issues that are affecting the people of Austin. I have been hearing rumors for months that he wanted to challenge me for the seat. I look forward to hearing his stance on topics other than big box retailers," said Demling, who is running for the Place 1 seat on a broad platform centered on improving transportation, responsible growth and environmental concerns. He welcomes the challenge of additional opponents in the race and feels it can only strengthen the dialog. He hopes the people of Austin will thoroughly research the positions of all candidates and then make an informed decision on May 10.

"Jason Meeker has already conceded the most important contest of 2008 – the Misprint Magazine Beard and Moustache Contest," noted Demling, referring to Meeker's campaign announcement speech. "While I have not officially won this contest yet, I definitely plan on being a fierce competitor."

Posted Friday, Feb. 8; for more on Demling, check out the Chronicle News blog,

Editor's note: Undaunted by the circumstance that he in fact didn't win the facial hair contest, Demling is holding a campaign event Feb. 22 at the Scoot Inn & Bier Garten.

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