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Dreaming of Jennifer

By Kevin Brass, June 3, 2005, News

Why do they do it? Why do seemingly rational young men and women allow TV cameras to chronicle the most personal of procedures for a national TV audience?

For Austin insurance agent Kelly Chandler – the Jennifer Aniston look-alike now featured on MTV's I Want a Famous Face – a good chunk of the motivation was revenge. Even though she wasn't paid, she was eager to let cameras record Dr. Robert Ersek sucking fat from her body and assorted other operations, as long as she would emerge so hot her ex-husband would drown in a puddle of despair and envy.

"To be honest, I thought to myself, 'What a perfect way to let him squirm, to let him see what I look like after the surgery,'" says Chandler, 27. "It was the ultimate revenge."

Unlike many celebrity look-alikes, Chandler, the mother of two young sons, actually looks like Jennifer Aniston, especially if Aniston had a nice set of D cups. Even before the surgery, people told her she looked like Aniston. When Ersek's staff mentioned the resemblance, she was more than ready to try for the MTV show.

At one point on the show she practically squeals, "I'm going to look better than Jennifer Aniston." There are tears before the operation with her family and friends. As she is about to go under, with the camera on him, Ersek says, "You're taking a nap as Kelly and you're going to wake up as Jennifer." She emerges with her face and body almost completely covered in bandages and pads. "Do I look good?" she meekly asks her mother. As she is shown recovering, she holds up a magazine cover of Aniston. "I hope to look more like this." Months later we see her dancing in a club with her new boyfriend, the hot babe on the floor.

Chandler says she was "thrilled" with the results of both the show and the surgery. "I was 26 at the time and I had the body of a 35-year-old," Chandler says. She plans to go back in July for a tummy tuck and to have her breasts enlarged a bit more. And, who knows, she says, she might be up for doing some acting, if the right part comes along.

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