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The ECT To-Do List

By Mike Clark-Madison, May 14, 2004, News

Noting "the danger ... in trying to accomplish too much and ultimately accomplishing too little," Envision Central Texas has identified seven priority issues for the group to tackle in detail:

  • Integrate transportation and land-use planning

  • Help communities integrate regional economic goals into their local business development efforts

  • Seek a better geographic balance of jobs and housing throughout the region

  • Highlight positive examples of increased density and mixed use achieved by public-private partnerships and local planning processes (e.g., Mueller)

  • Develop a plan for funding the acquisition and preservation of open space, a top priority in the ECT process

  • Help communities close the gaps between more- and less-privileged citizens

  • Recognize other projects that offer "best practices for achieving the regional vision."

    Each of these areas will be the charge of a

    new subcommittee including both ECT board members and other community leaders; the group is currently recruiting co-chairs to lead these committees.

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