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APD's 'Magnificent 7'

May 7, 2004, News

Officer James Hellums

13-year APD officer

Hellums, the NC7's strategist, has spent a majority of his career patrolling the neighborhoods of North Central, beginning when they were part of the Northwest Area Command.

Officer Gizette Gaslin

eight-year APD officer

Beechinor chose Gaslin, a self-described "people person" for the NCDR team because of her energy, enthusiasm, and determination.

Officer Dale Cooper

18-year APD officer

Cooper, the APD's most veteran community policing officer, has been working the DR beat since 1992, before the current DR system was implemented and the job was referred to as "community liaison officer."

Officer Hank Moreno

five-year APD officer

Moreno, who spent 10 years with the San Antonio Park Police before joining APD, enjoys working with the immigrant community to build trust among the community and police. Many of the immigrants come from countries where police corruption is the norm.

Cmdr. Robert Gross

29-year APD officer

Gross agreed to head the NCAC on condition that he and his command staff be allowed to handpick their officers – without that ability, he told Chief Stan Knee, the new command would fail.

Lt. Randy Pasley

221/2-year APD officer

NC neighbors praise Pasley, who created the ORH template, for his efforts at opening communication between NC residents and police – "He actually listens," says Brownie neighbor Gloria Garcia.

Sgt. Will Beechinor

22-year APD officer

Beechinor (who pulls double-duty within the NC, supervising the DRs and the command detectives) used to live on Galewood Drive, one of the neighborhoods now on the ORH cleanup list. It was a great place to live, he said, and can be again.

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