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Raped Twice?: A Chronology

October 12, 2001, News

Aug. 4, 2000: Virginia Glore and Charlotte Hughes visit Sixth Street in the early evening and have a few drinks. Shortly before 9pm, the two women are in a car wreck in the 3000 block of South Congress, a block south of the Live Oak Inn. Glore is arrested and taken to the Travis Co. Jail on a charge of driving while intoxicated. In transit, she kicks out a rear passenger window of the APD squad car.

Aug. 5, 2000: Waking in the jail, Glore realizes she is cut, bruised, and bloody and that she has no memory of the night before. She and Hughes become convinced they were drugged by two men in a Sixth Street bar, taken to a motel, and raped. Glore visits South Austin Hospital where she is refused a rape kit exam and toxicological screen by APD officers.

Aug. 6, 2000: Glore visits Brackenridge Hospital for a second attempt to obtain a rape kit test and tox screen. Again APD officers deny her requests. Glore's husband calls APD's Internal Affairs division to complain about the department's treatment of his wife. He wonders if APD is trying to cover something up.

Aug. 15, 2000 [or Aug. 9]: The APD incident report says Glore and Hughes gave statements to police Detective Tim Kresta on Aug. 9. Hughes and Glore insist the date was Aug. 15 -- 11 days after the original incident. Both women make statements, their many cuts and bruises are photographed, and Hughes provides a physical description of two men who approached them at the Aquarium bar on Sixth Street.

Aug. 17, 2000: Kresta interviews Live Oak Inn maintenance man Duane Scott, who tells the investigator he remembers seeing the two women at the Live Oak on Aug. 4. Scott tells Kresta the women were alone, yet also says that two men staying at the motel Aug. 4-7 -- Chris Turnock and Stefan Feige -- told Scott they had met Hughes and Glore on Sixth Street.

Aug. 30, 2000: Kresta travels to Houston to interview Turnock, incarcerated in the Harris Co. Jail. Turnock and Feige were both absconders from a Houston halfway house at the time of the Aug. 4 incident. Feige, a registered sex offender, remains at large. According to Kresta's notes, Turnock admits to meeting the women and driving them to the Live Oak Inn, but denies that either of the men had sex with either of the women. Despite statements from Turnock that directly conflict with Scott's earlier statement, there is no indication that Turnock's story is further investigated.

Nov. 29, 2000: Kresta notes in the incident report that DNA found on Glore's underwear does not match DNA taken from Turnock.

Feb. 20, 2001: According to the APD incident report, Detective Rick Shirley, who took over the case, is informed by DPS that the DNA on Glore's underwear does not match the DNA on file for sex offender Feige. Detective Shirley recommends that the case be inactivated "until further leads develop."

Nov. 22, 2001: Pre-trial hearing scheduled for DWI prosecution of Virginia Glore.

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