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Code Rage

By Lauri Apple, September 14, 2001, News

So your neighbors park their rusty wrecker, boat and 10 cars in their front yard, and you don't like it because sometimes they drive across your lawn to get back on the street. What to do? For now, you can't do much: Until the city passes a rule against front-lawn parking, many Austinites will invariably continue to decorate their front lawns with vehicles of all types -- some dead, some alive.

Recently the North Austin Civic Association and other concerned citizens have been discussing how to eliminate front-yard parking. On Sept. 18, NACA will sponsor a meeting with Council Member Danny Thomas, who has proposed an ordinance outlawing motorized vehicles on lawns and establishing a quota on the number of cars that can be parked at a residence. Learn all you need to know about parking and towing (and probably barking and mowing, too) at the meeting, which starts at 7pm at Lanier High School, 1201 Payton Gin Rd. Email for more info.

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