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The Six Million-Dollar Men

October 22, 1999, News

Tax-credit projects associated with six developers and builders, all familiar names from past tax-credit allocation rounds, came away with fully a third of the total 1999 credits, worth nearly $60 million in resale value. Half of them have either shown litttle experience with tax-credit projects or compiled a history of compliance problems.

Developer Awards Projects LIHTC program history

Donald Sowell $2.0 million 5 Winner past 3 years; program compliance violations; flawed application

Monday Esiere $1.4 million 2 Winner past 3 years; flawed application; no completed projects

Daniel Markson $1.3 million 2 Hired lobbyist

Chris Richardson $1.3 million 2 Compliance violations; paid lobbyist over $100,000

Joe Kemp $1.0 million 1 Former TDHCA board member; winner past three years; applica- tion approved before underwrit- ten

Marcus Hiles $914,000 1 Frequent Kemp collaborator flawed application

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