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Review: The Point, Maldito Animal

What psychedelic planet will the shape-shifting trio explore next?

Reviewed by Genevieve Wood, May 24, 2024, Music

Don't let the Point's cursed album title fool you: Maldito Animal arrives as an expansive psych-rock blessing. Graced by the Grammy-winning hands of Leche House producer Beto Martinez (of Grupo Fantasma, Caramelo Haze, and Money Chicha), the shape-shifting trio's fourth full-length release draws from a globe-trotting repertoire of West African, Italian, and Colombian influences. Compared to 2022 drop Berto’s Banquet, lyrics are sparse on the jam-heavy release, but land with extra oomph when they do arrive – repeated refrains of "I love you" on ambulatory opener "Wede Harer Guzo" feel downright triumphant. Disguised by punchy basslines, "Mrs. Kind Eyes" lands as a swoonworthy love song from the dub rock heavens, while the guitar neck sorcery of Jack Montesinos propels exuberant single "Máquina Pura." Tackling drums and keys, respectively, Nico Léophonte and Joe Roddy are forces of nature, balancing subtlety and bravado with ease. Closing dance-along "Cumbia de Medianoche” hurtles the trio into outer space, leaving us wondering what psychedelic planet they'll explore next.

The Point

Maldito Animal

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