A Speed Dating Sampler of All 69 Virtual SXSW Music Showcases

The sun always shines on TV

Bongeziwe Mabandla (Photo by Justice Mukheli)

Tuesday, March 16

Korean Traditional Performing Arts Foundation

CHANNEL 2, 12:30-1pm

SXSW Music's opening ceremony unfolds with classical artist Dasom Baek, looper of metal bowls, dripping water, and bamboo flutes. Later, Seoul's Jambinai soars heavy post-rock with trad instruments like the geomungo.

ÅÄÖ ... Sounds Swedish

CHANNEL 2, 3:30-4pm

In Swedish, ÅÄÖ sounds roughly like "oh," "eh," and "uuh." Gothenburg showcaser Mimi Bay sounds like a diary set to ukulele and Stockholm's Vero proffers laid-back hip-hop with a strong pen.

British Music Embassy

CHANNEL 1, 5-6pm

SX's UK HQ launches with singer Connie Constance, specializing in multidimensional pop, alt R&B, and rock. Brit trio PVA makes danceable, synthesizer-loving, lightly industrial No Wave with dream vocals from Ella Harris.

EQ Austin Presents: KUTX the Breaks

CHANNEL 2, 5-6pm

Community hip-hop and R&B cultivators proffer beatmaker/composer/Black Pumas keyman JaRon Marshall; the wise, aggressive, impassioned raps of J Soulja; and bold and thoughtful lyricist Mama Duke.

Sounds From Spain

CHANNEL 4, 5-6pm

Belako's fervent Basque Country post-punk spearheads irresistible vox from Cristina Lizarraga, while Alien Tango sings bombastic surrealist pop and Candeleros dubs Afro-Caribbean cumbia.

British Music Embassy

CHANNEL 1, 6-7pm

Aside from Walt Disco, Adam Ant-ish with accentuated frilliness, this BME gets loud: calloused hands punk'n'roll by Chubby & the Gang, Sub Pop pummelers TV Priest, and Lia Metcalfe's razor vocals leading the Mysterines.

The Legendary S.O.B.'s

CHANNEL 2, 6-7pm

Manhattan music hub trends alt hip-hop with the serious revelations of H.E.R. songwriting partner Lonr and budding "Crush" Souly Had.

Carefree Black Girl

CHANNEL 1, 7-8pm

Platform, podcast, and empowerment movement CFBG finds its sound with tuneful pop and world-beat artist Demi Grace, royal ATL duo the Queendom, and powerhouse rapper Quanna.


CHANNEL 2, 7-8pm

New label from NYC decibel pusher Oliver Ackermann showcases his A Place to Bury Strangers and No Age's Randy Randall playing shoegaze guitar in an unusual setting.

AfroFuture Sounds

CHANNEL 4, 7-8pm

Johannesburg folk/electronic pop singer/guitarist Bongeziwe Mabandla intones through pure, honest pipes in the isiXhosa language. Meanwhile, BBC's Remi Burgz hosts a pan-African party spotlighting London's Loshh and their remarkable new Ífaradá EP.


CHANNEL 1, 8-9pm

Mexican singer/actress Ximena Sariñana, Monterrey electro-funk staple Kinky, and alt-rock giants DLD.

Jazz re:freshed Outernational

CHANNEL 2, 8-9pm

UK jazz lions inhabit the hallowed Abbey Road studios, with supreme tubist Theon Cross bringing low-end heat, and drum genius Richard Spaven.

Luminelle Recordings

CHANNEL 2, 9:30-10pm

This joint label from Gorilla vs. Bear and Fat Possum reps L.A.'s cybernetic synth duo Magdalena Bay and the atmospherically dense emotionality of Couch Prints.

Wednesday, March 17

Mercury KX

CHANNEL 2, 12:30–1pm

Iconic London imprint's streak of pre-keynote sets kick-starts with meditations from Berlin cellist/pianist Sebastian Plano.

New Dutch Wave

CHANNEL 2, 3:30–4pm

Via Amsterdam: Turkish psych-folk breakouts Altn Gün join alt-rock explorer Nana Adjoa.

British Music Embassy

CHANNEL 1, 5-6pm

Clean guitars infuse Porij's collegiate funkiness, Phoebe Green inclines into indie-pop, and Tayo Sound handcrafts memorable breakup songs. MVP: Ego Ella May's dazzling neo soul.

Black Fret

CHANNEL 2, 5-6pm

ATX music patrons present ingenious songman PR Newman, dynamic pop force Sydney Wright, soul talent Eimaral Sol, and psych soloist Buffalo Hunt.

La Buena Fortuna

CHANNEL 4, 5-6pm

Puerto Rican major label drips roster stars including Madrid standout Travis Birds and lo-fi trap comer Enyel C.

British Music Embassy/Output Belfast

CHANNEL 1, 6-7pm

Ed Sheeran acoustic pop ilk, Belfast's Ryan McMullan boasts a magnificent voice.

The Legendary S.O.B.'s Latinx Night 1

CHANNEL 2, 6-7pm

Jersey's JFab & Paola Fabre load up on vocal chemistry via upbeat Dominican sounds. Uruguay cumbia pop breakout Rombai also manifests.

Digital Love

CHANNEL 1, 7-8pm

Mississippi's Akeem Ali drops street-pop sensibilities and ladies' man mystic: "Keemy Casanova." This Southern gathering also calls up sexually literate lyricist Renni Rucci and Nineties-style R&B Atlantan Kissie Lee.

Flipped Coin Korea

CHANNEL 2, 7-8pm

Visually striking Korean showcase peaks with drone family band Tengger: mom Itta on harmonium and wind toys, dad Marqido on synths, and child Raai interpretive dancing.

End of Trail Collective/Fierce Panda

CHANNEL 4, 7-8pm

Elegant alt R&B from Caiine leads a ranging assembly of emergent UK talent including loud guitar'n'drums duo Scrounge and croony art popper Enjoyable Listens.

Mint Talent Group

CHANNEL 1, 8-9pm

Southern sounds: New Madrid's indie rock, Cordovas' hippie country, Rev. Peyton's slide'n'stomp, and Great Peacock's heartland harvest. Moziah's arty vocal pop stands out.

Move Music Forward

CHANNEL 2, 8-9pm

Yung Baby Tate, whose uplifting "I Am" cracked off on TikTok, paints rainbows on ATL rap.

Sounds Australia

CHANNEL 2, 9-10pm

Aboriginal artist Baker Boy's high-spirited hip-hop dishes in both English and Yolŋu Matha. Sydney psych upstarts the Lazy Eyes and Hachiku's compelling bedroom dream-pop compel.

Thursday, March 18

Mercury KX

CHANNEL 2, noon-12:30pm

Day three musical ribbon cutting with atmospheric piano composer Sophie Hutchings.

Third Culture

CHANNEL 2, 3-3:30pm

From Chennai, India, Jbabe beckons with sensual slacker indie-pop, while Mumbai's Kayan floats freely in contemplative R&B.

British Music Embassy

CHANNEL 1, 5-6pm

Hampshire's Drug Store Romeos strike an innocent chord with Sarah Downey's soft voice falling over analog blipping, while Olivia Dean's songcraft resounds young yet knowing. Top draw: boyish Finn Askew – comparable to a well-adjusted Post Malone.

Black Fret/EQ Austin

CHANNEL 2, 5-6pm

Austin culture filter: abstract hip-hop (Mike Melinoe), synthy cumbia (Como Las Movies), and life-dissecting folk (BettySoo).

Ireland Music Week

CHANNEL 4, 5-6pm

Dublin's eternal song wellspring overflows with the lyrically cutting Ailbhe Reddy and Pillow Queens playing melodic rock with noisy guitars.

Black Country, New Road (Photo by Bjorn Lebowski)

British Music Embassy

CHANNEL 1, 6-7pm

Black Country, New Road improves on the wild compositional impulses of countrymen Black Midi with post-everything angularity, free spazz freakouts, countermelodies, and mnemonic lyrics.

Taiwan Beats

CHANNEL 2, March 6-7pm & XR at Mohawk

Taiwanese set features melodic punks Fire Ex. on a factory floor, folk-rock ensemble the Chairs playing alongside an indoor shrimp pool, electro-poppers NekoJam bouncing inside a beautiful temple, and queer indie-pop favorite Enno Cheng singing in a mountainside meadow.

Focus Wales

CHANNEL 1, 7-8pm

Welsh still gets spoken and sung by Carmarthen indie band Adwaith, while Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard struts modern classic rock and Rosehip Teahouse lilts in-your-head indie.

La Sacred Mountain

CHANNEL 2, 7-8pm

Thematic M for Montreal and Brooklyn Vegan collab commingles Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain, Quebec's Mount Royal, and pandemic imagery. Conceptual insight: art rockers Choses Sauvages, Jasamine White-Gluz of shoegazers No Joy, Japanese psychers Teke::Teke, and electro-pop duo Paupière.

Brazilian Bio.Sound

CHANNEL 4, 7-8pm

Basement bossa nova breakout: Jovem Dionisio's "Pontos de Exclamação." Folk caress from Dingo Bells, Tuyo's quality pop, and groovers Luísa e os Alquimistas also represent Earth's fifth-largest country.

Devil in the Woods

CHANNEL 4, 8-9pm

Mexico City rock label hosts lovable garage favorites Los Blenders, outstanding heavy mujeres Ruido Rosa, and alt project Petite Amie, led by Little Jesus bassist Carlos Medina.

Sorry (Photo by Sam Hiscox)

The Close Encounter Club

CHANNEL 2, 8-9pm

Ultra buzzy British post-punk/pop/trip-hop duo Sorry beams down alongside dream-pop evolutionists Babeheaven and the harmony-rich sound of Weird Milk for a highly anticipated stream.

Sounds Australia

CHANNEL 2, 9-10pm

Young, rowdy, hilarious punk trio the Chats of cigarette-break anthem "Smoko" contrast with swaying soul from the vibrant Kee'ahn.

Friday, March 19

Mercury KX

CHANNEL 2, Fri., March 19, 12-12:30pm

Hamburg composer Lambert dons a horned Sardinian mask and plays grand piano.

Music Finland

CHANNEL 2, Fri., March 19, 3:30-4pm

Nordic accordion and Siberian throat singing differentiate Antti Paalanen, but look also for pop charting powerhouse Alma and deep house DJ Yotto.

British Music Embassy w/ ATC Live

CHANNEL 1, 5-6pm

High-octane Rough Trade rockers the Goa Express exhibit a touch of Iggy Pop in sharing a diverse bill with "TNT" rapper/singer Nayana Iz, high-voiced country/pop/indie singer Katy J Pearson, and emotionally overwhelming art singer Anna B Savage.

Hotel Free TV

CHANNEL 2, 5-6pm

LSD online: Holy Wave's driving, flower-picking, atmosphere-warping psych. Also streaming: Sasha & the Valentines' romantic surf and glammy art-punk duo Lord Friday the 13th.

Wide Days

CHANNEL 4, 5-6pm

Aaron Smith reminds us of Hozier, while fellow Scots Dead Pony, fronted by Anna Shields, dial in post-grunge alternative.

British Music Embassy

CHANNEL 1, 6-7pm

Mathy, propulsive, profound live wire Squid represents modern UK post-punk's originality, and Leeds band Yard Act resembles a less dire Fontaines D.C. behind enrapturing talk-singer James Smith. Do Nothing also employs striking vocals while edging into melody and delay pedals.


CHANNEL 2, 6-7pm

Hardly feels like SXSW until Otoboke Beaver's guitarist crowd surfs atop your head. The Japanese punk ladies appear virtually, alas, with DGAF Korean skate punks Drinking Boys & Girls Choir and heartfelt Indonesia indie rockers Grrrl Gang.

Park the Van

CHANNEL 1, 7-8pm

Cali label parallel parks BOYO's one-man lab of insanely catchy bedroom psych-pop and Neighbor Lady, an indie band with classic country bloodlines.

Therapy Presents: The Island Stage

CHANNEL 2, 7-8pm

Caribbean tomorrow: Rising roots and reggae singer Mortimer crosses a gritty voice with smooth delivery, fellow Jamaican Tessellated hits with "I Learnt Some Jazz Today," and Kalpee modernizes Trinidad and Tobago's "chilled calypso."

Kosha Dillz Presents: Oy Vey

CHANNEL 4, 7-8pm

NYC's hardest-working rapper recently freestyled in a blizzard and welcomed a Holocaust survivor on the Clubhouse app. The SX mainstay shows in pop artists Novi and Camryn.

Marca Unica

CHANNEL 1, 8-9pm

Debut SXSW música regional Mexicana showcase includes Houston youngsters Ascenso Recio, who manhandle acoustic instruments, sing en español, and enjoy semiautomatic weapons and big trucks.

Tokyo Sessions

CHANNEL 2, 8-9pm

A Japanese Gorillaz, Millennium Parade inhabits a multimedia universe and populates a grandiose live ensemble led by King Gnu's Daiki Tsuneta.

Sounds Australia

CHANNEL 2, 9-10pm

Aussie rap quartet No Money Enterprise hit globally with "German." Sydney's Hauskey thrives on bouncy, brainy, bedroom bops. Indigo Sparke thrives on subtle vocal dynamics.

Saturday, March 20

Nine Mile Records & Touring

CHANNEL 2, 11am-12pm

Primo Austin roster unlocks pandemic-shuttered Continental Club. The Deer's earthy indie folk casts shadows, the Greyhounds bust deep, grooved R&B, Carson McHone plucks exceptional acousticana, and Kevin Galloway plugs in soulful Southern roots rock.

Northern Expo

CHANNEL 2, noon-12:30pm

Incredible visuals accompany this arctic adventure: Sámi language singers Ozas on a snowy city street, Oter rapping in a car, I See Rivers strumming in a mountain gondola, and punk band Heave Blood & Die on an icy rooftop.

Mercury KX

CHANNEL 2, 12:30-1pm

Australian mood-driven composer and pianist Luke Howard rings in the weekend.

The Graham Fam

CHANNEL 2, 2-2:30pm

Smoker's voice, poet's mind: Austin legend Jon Dee Graham (True Believers/Skunks) and son William Harries Graham open their songbooks.

NPR Tiny Desk

CHANNEL 2, 3-4pm

Bob Boilen's intimate workspace concert series tapes a SXSW special.

British Music Embassy w/ UK Sounds

CHANNEL 1, 5-6pm

Harmony duo Ider writes Taylor Swift-level pop, and fellow Londoner Afronaut Zu lays big island vocals over UK garage tracks.

Roskilde Festival

CHANNEL 2, 5-6pm

Coastal Danish town with a Viking history and music festival presents a homegrown lineup including cold-hearted punks Iceage and composer Astrid Sonne, whose work touches choral, electronic, and ambient.

Heard Presents

CHANNEL 4, 5-6pm

Downtown promoters host Austin faves at Empire Garage: interplanetary Afro-disco carnival Golden Dawn Arkestra, vocally exquisite R&B pulse Sir Woman, garage-blues institution Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, and rock/soul spectacle Nané.

Yamaha Guitars & BGS Present

CHANNEL 1, 6-7pm

"Garage country" Aubrie Sellers, daughter of Lee Ann Womack, debuts collaboration with Anti- signed singer- songwriter Jade Jackson.


CHANNEL 2, 6-7pm

Korean hip-hop via the Jay Park-founded AOMG label loads young talent like DeVita, an R&B/rap artist with a serious singsong flow and lyrical weaponry. More Seoul scene: hit MCs Woo and Loco, soul upstart Sogumm, and K-hop veteran DJ Wegun.

The Legendary S.O.B.'s Latinx Night 2

CHANNEL 1, 7-8pm

Born in Argentina, raised in Spain, Latin trap provocateur Nathy Peluso offers a bold, unique, undeniable artistic vision.

Pagal Haima

CHANNEL 2, 7-7:30pm

New Dehli label transmits melodic rock quintet F16s and seer-songwriter Rounak Maiti.

New Zealand Music Commission

CHANNEL 4, 7-8pm

Kiwi sisters Purple Pilgrims, rostered on cult label Flying Nun, layer languid melodies and highly enunciated Nico vox. Accomplished siren Nadia Reid and super hype rapper Chaii also cross the virtual equator.


CHANNEL 2, 7:30-8pm

Panama's Sofía Valdés blends voice, writing, and pop into the organic and timeless, while sleek Scottish song machine ONR had Nile Rodgers guest on his "Kill TV."

Coatai Music/Crater Monde/China Gathering

CHANNEL 1, 8-9pm

Relentless Beijing experimenter Yan Jun performances include electronics, noise, and body movements. Electric Cherry and Fake Gentle lean livetronica.

Latin Heat x Criteria Entertainment

CHANNEL 2, 8-9pm

Ranging Latin lineup: big banging pop from Miami's Samantha Sanchez, prolific Colombian rapper Nanpa Básico, and dramatic Chilean American hitmaker Francisca Valenzuela.

Sound Talent Group

CHANNEL 2, 9-9:30pm

Youthful Japanese auteur Vaundy crosses paths with intense rap/rock/pop synthesist Haru Nemuri for an exciting showcase.

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