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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Derek Udensi, February 21, 2020, Music

Walking drum machine Ben Buck (aka McNasty) follows up self-composed, underground-themed instrumental compilation McNasty 21 with debut rap album Kilroy. The proficient beatboxer makes the leap to MC on a project that aims to capture the rough sound of early-to-mid-Nineties hip-hop via gritty basslines and aggressive rhyming. The 34-minute project demonstrates that the Austin native certainly possesses the capability to rap in addition to his vocal and instrumental production. More sentimental lyrics like that of 96-second outro "Dishwater" would make the album an even higher quality. Though Buck produced only one track, the RZA-influenced "Blucka Blucka," on Kilroy he includes two beatbox cuts and infuses his vocal percussion into other songs. The inclusion of three tunes ripped from live performances and band demos nicely round out the tape's aesthetic. There's enough in these 14 songs to want more rapping from Ben Buck.


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