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ACL Fest Interview: Weyes Blood

“Once I felt like I’d journeyed to the far corners of the music universe and back, I could return to the center and write songs.”

By Rachel Rascoe, October 4, 2019, Music

When Natalie Mering opens her mouth, wisdom pours out. Her stunningly vast pop ballads as long-running project Weyes Blood reign supreme on Titanic Rising, via Sub Pop. Her interview candor, like an elegant edition of your favorite Richard Linklater film, is equally hypnotizing. She emailed us.

On Lana Del Rey: "It helped me a lot to meet another woman in music who's kind of a lone wolf like myself, creating a whole universe of vulnerability and song. We usually gab a lot about abstract ideas and archetypal energies from other musicians. And yep! You guessed it – being a woman in music."

On years in punk and noise: "I had to scour the ocean floor and find the most obscure forms of expression to really get a topographical-map level understanding of music. I love music that much, especially communities of people pushing boundaries and making music for the sake of the art and not capitalistic gains. Once I felt like I'd journeyed to the far corners of the music universe and back, I could return to the center and write songs."

On suits: "I like feeling tailored – sharp, elegant. I wore a suit to school when I was in eighth grade for no good reason. Just felt like a powerful move. I've always been a huge admirer of the Mods. I may wear dresses someday, but the suits make me feel like a real crooner at the moment."

On developing a strong sense of self: "To be perfectly blunt, getting handed some hard deals. Feeling like I was a wanderer, learning how to bail myself out spiritually when I was alone in my life. You learn a lot about yourself if you're constantly seeking something abstract. Eventually, you realize the only thing you can hold steady throughout all the madness is yourself."

Weyes Blood

Friday, 4:30pm, BMI stage (weekend one only)

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