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Los Coast Album Review

Samsara (New West)

By Thomas Fawcett, June 14, 2019, Music

The lead single for this debut album is "Simplify," but there's another title that best sums up this vast and varied outing from the fast-rising Austin quintet: "(Everything but) the Kitchen Sink." Los Coast built a reputation as a thrilling live band that can be hard to peg musically, and true to form, from the bone-rattling psych rock of "Monsters" to the sun-kissed synth-funk of "Graves" and progressive folk of "Chesapeake," they chuck it all into the basin on Samsara. Frontman Trey Privott reveals his Southern Baptist roots by going full-preacher mode on gospel shakedown "Masquerade" and delivers scattershot rhymes (more Anthony Kiedis than Kendrick Lamar) on the aforementioned "Kitchen Sink." If it feels like throwing styles against the wall, it's a testament to Privott, guitarist John Courtney, drummer Damien Llanes, bassist Megan Hartman, and keyboardist Natalie Wright that almost all of it sticks. On standout "Testify," Privott punctuates "me-oh-my" soul shouts with a prediction: "One day I know we'll shine just like a sunrise." For Los Coast, that day has dawned.


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