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Church of Misery's Doom-Boogie Bounces Back From a Mutiny

The serial killer-obsessed fourpiece comes to Austin Terror Fest

By Raoul Hernandez, June 7, 2019, Music

When last we heard from serial killer-obsessed doom legacy Church of Misery, which celebrated double decades last year, the whole Tokyo band mutinied on originator Tatsu Mikami, and he had to settle on a lineup led by Scott Carlson for sixth full-length And Then There Were None in 2016. That's Scott Carlson of grindcore architects Repulsion.

"At that time, I already wrote some new songs," emails the bassist, minutes before exiting his apartment for a rare U.S. tour. "CoM toured hard for this 10 years in Europe and U.S., and I have tons of band friend now, so I asked reliable guys to join upcoming album. New album is reason for existence myself.

"As for Scott, CoM always have brutally voice style. I asked [Rise Above Records label head] Lee [Dorrian] about Scott Carlson, 'cause I like Repulsion and met him few times. And I got a good answer!

"After release of And Then There Were None, I spend three years getting new members, and we began touring again since late 2017."

Caught up? Having debuted locally during Chaos in Tejas in 2012 and then returning the following year, Mikami's third-ever Austin sludgehammer will be performed by a new, all-Japanese foursome.

"Honestly, I didn't remember [previous] Austin shows," writes Mikami. "It's rock & roll tour – from venue to venue, hotel to hotel. At that time, we didn't see Austin, so I really looking forward to sight-seeing.

"And I'm not only bass player but rock fan. I will enjoy watching other band performance. I'm big fan of Pig Destroyer. And we want you (all audience) to enjoy our show! Buy our merch!! Ha, ha, ha, ha."

Church of Misery

Empire Control Room, Fri. 7, 11:45pm

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