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The Infinites

The Infinites (First Humans)

Reviewed by Rachel Rascoe, May 10, 2019, Music

Quick-witted songwriting pervades the wooziness of the Infinites' eponymous full-length bow. Dan LeVine's mesmerizing guitar loops string along Jared Leibowich's languid verse, so mellow it's all singularly pop hypnotic. Atop 11 tracks named after squeaky-clean-sounding characters, the Austin quintet layers deceivingly childish rhyme schemes with Belle & Sebastian-like melancholic vignettes. Following sunny highlights like "Scott McMurray," stormier stories emerge in the spunky interludes of "Jimmy Smith." Breaking the title game, "The Man With No Name" spins a darker scheme of "children on the run/ meth heads in the sun," leaning into the work's gloomy underbelly. Teetering between surf rock and bedroom pop, the music supports lyrics that lean twee, while the guitars hum a bit overtly chilled-out. Yet, like the vintage photos of the Infinites' singles, the songs are far less concerned with trend and more with personal preference, leaning on years of individual band members' output on the Austin scene. Notes of the Zoltars' blunt quirk (courtesy of Leibo­wich) and LeVine's lo-fi solo work away from Ghetto Ghouls emerge in a high- quality synthesis. On their first-ever sampling, the Infinites develop a tasty new flavor.


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