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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Libby Webster, March 22, 2019, Music

Lonestar is an ode to softness. The first compilation from DFW's fledgling Peach Bloom Records culls from a spectrum of spaciousness honed in Denton, DFW, and Austin. The glitching beats of China Club and William Austin Clay puncture the peace, but Austin's offerings stay consistent. The elusive Fuvk's "Madeline" traverses the intensity of a crush, spacey shoegaze guitar flitting in and out. Why Bonnie's "Leave the Light On" demo, the delicate bones of the quintet's typical sound, features a reverb-drenched haze hovering above a tinny drum machine. Meanwhile, Hovvdy's "Paint" thrums with the muffled, lo-fi loveliness of debut Taster.


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