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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Libby Webster, March 22, 2019, Music

Local DIY label Outer Limit's most ambitious Instant Leftovers compilation boasts a staggering 19 tracks almost entirely from newer indie-rock Austin artists (aside from the dreamy closing track from Amherst's Calico Blue). Electro-dance wiz kids TC Superstar take on ABBA's "Mamma Mia" with a synth-heavy, off-kilter sneer. At the harder end of the spectrum, punk intensity powers a three-track sequence from Dregs, the Gnomads, and Hotmom. From Hi, Gene!'s angular post-punk to the melodic softness of the Sophies and Big Bill bassist Alex Riegelman's own project of sunny Sixties sound and killer riffs, it's a comprehensive sampler of local must-listens.


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