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Here Are Your 2018/19 Austin Music Award Winners

Best band, musician, song, radio station, and more Top 10s chosen by you

March 1, 2019, Music


Best Austin Band

1) Shinyribs

2) Black Pumas

3) White Denim

4) Superfónicos

5) Hovvdy

Runners-Up: Cowboy Diplomacy, Bruce Smith Band, Smiile, Vallejo, Sun June

Best New Austin Band

1) Black Pumas

2) Smiile

3) TC Superstar

4) Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band

5) Madi Meeks

Runners-Up: Glorietta, Demi the Daredevil, Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy, the Guacamole Police, the History Department

Musician of the Year

1) Shakey Graves

2) Jackie Venson

3) Bob Schneider

4) Molly Burch

5) Gina Chavez

Runners-Up: Adrian Quesada, Spencer Gibb, Guy Forsyth, Patricia Vonne, Mobley

Album of the Year

1) Bob Schneider, Blood and Bones (Shockorama)

2) Gina Chavez, Lightbeam

3) Mobley, Fresh Lies, Vol. 1 (Violent Films)

4) Erika Wennerstrom, Sweet Unknown (Partisan)

5) Abhi the Nomad, Marbled (Tommy Boy)

Runners-Up: Spencer Gibb, Let's Start Over; Patricia Vonne, Top of the Mountain; Ghostland Observatory, See You Later Simulator; Jaimee Harris, Red Rescue; AJ Vallejo, Love Songs for Dummies

Song of the Year

1) Black Pumas, "Black Moon Rising"

2) Molly Burch, "To the Boys"

3) Tiarra Girls, "Leave It to the People"

4) Erika Wennerstrom, "Extraordinary Love"

5) Abhi the Nomad, "Sex n' Drugs"

Runners-Up: Willie Nelson, "Vote 'Em Out"; Patricia Vonne, "Top of the Mountain"; Bob Schneider, "Sing About Love"; Spencer Gibb, "Hey, World (Let's Start Over)"; Demi the Daredevil, "America Anonymous"



1) The Octopus Project

2) Golden Dawn Arkestra

3) Thor & Friends

4) Dallas Acid

5) A Is Red

Runners-Up: Mother Falcon, Toxic Water, Ponytrap, Marrshun, Calliope Musicals


1) Guy Forsyth

2) Jackie Venson

3) Peterson Brothers

4) Tomar & the FCs

5) Roxy Roca

Runners-Up: Johnny Nicholas, Shinyribs, Greyhounds, Mamafesta, Carolyn Wonderland


1) Willie Nelson

2) Dale Watson

3) Croy & the Boys

4) Carson McHone

5) Charley Crockett

Runners-Up: Barbara Nesbitt, Them Duqaines, Asleep at the Wheel, Mike and the Moonpies, Kelly Willis


1) Ghostland Observatory

2) Scorpio Rising

3) Trouble in the Streets

4) Bayonne

5) Bill Converse

Runners-Up: Capyac, the Octopus Project, Zettajoule, Survive, Resonant Frequency


1) Wood & Wire

2) The Deer

3) Jaimee Harris

4) Folk Uke

5) Little Mazarn

Runners-Up: The Cover Letter, the Madisons, Bob Livingston, Love & Chaos, Whiskey Shivers


1) Magna Carda

2) The Teeta

3) Kydd Jones

4) Quin NFN

5) Pnthn

Runners-Up: Abhi the Nomad, Mama Duke, Street Queer, Riders Against the Storm, Third Root


1) White Ghost Shivers

2) Sarah Sharp

3) Elias Haslanger's Church on Monday

4) Atlas Maior

5) Red Young

Runners-Up: Ephraim Owens, Jitterbug Vipers, Brian Kremer, Blue Moon Jazz Quartet, Beto y los Fairlanes


1) Gina Chavez

2) Brownout

3) Superfónicos

4) Patricia Vonne

5) Como Las Movies

Runners-Up: Del Castillo, El Tule, Vallejo, Grupo Fantasma, Samba Bamba


1) Black Heart Saints

2) Bridge Farmers

3) Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol

4) Eagle Claw

5) Immortal Guardian

Runners-Up: Mammoth Grinder, Doom Side of the Moon, Portrayal of Guilt, Ignitor, Runescarred


1) Bob Schneider & the Moonlight Orchestra

2) White Ghost Shivers

3) Fragile Rock

4) DJ Confucius Jones

5) The Kraken Quartet

Runners-Up: Frederico7, Seu Jacinto, the Damn Torpedoes, the Guacamole Police, Christeene


1) Sailor Poon

2) Worm Suicide

3) Big Bill

4) Xetas

5) Blxpltn

Runners-Up: Cherubs, Fools, Riverboat Gamblers, US Weekly, A Giant Dog


1) Bob Schneider

2) Sweet Spirit

3) Vallejo

4) Cowboy Diplomacy

5) PR Newman

Runners-Up: Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, Torino Black, the Boleys, Cherubs, Israel Nash


1) Grupo Massa

2) Mau Mau Chaplains

3) Atash

4) Ley Line

5) Frederico7

Runners-Up: Rattle Tree, Seu Jacinto, El Tule, Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour, Tio Chico



1) Roscoe Beck

2) Bruce Hughes

3) Pat Harris

4) Daniel Durham

5) Kenneth Null

Runners-Up: Jonas Saks, Jimmy Blazer, Nick Clark, Mehdi Boudra, Scott McIntyre


1) Brannen Temple

2) Mike Buck

3) Wayne Salzmann II

4) Andrew Stevens

5) Jake Rabin

Runners-Up: Katie Marie, Bruno Vinezof, Aric Garcia, Alex Marrero, Jose Gutierrez

Female Vocalist

1) Gina Chavez

2) Patricia Vonne

3) Alesia Lani

4) Mama Duke

5) Lex Land

Runners-Up: Tameca Jones, Ruthie Foster, Jackie Venson, Sabrina Ellis, Molly Burch


1) Jackie Venson

2) David Grissom

3) Eve Monsees

4) Eric Tessmer

5) Gabriel Guardian

Runners-Up: Mark Sean, Jon Sanchez, Arielle, Leo Lydon, Jelly Ellington


1) Grupo Horns

2) Ephraim Owens

3) Big Wy's Brass Band

4) Oliver Steck

5) Elias Haslanger

Runners-Up: Kevin Flatt, Joshua Thompson, Hard Proof, Shinyribs Horns, Adrian Ruiz


1) Emily Gimble

2) Zack Morgan

3) Kevin Lovejoy

4) Michael Ramos

5) Jon Deas

Runners-Up: Danny Saldivar, Oliver Steck, David Grant, Dave Madden, Red Young

Male Vocals

1) Bob Schneider

2) Kevin Russell

3) Mobley

4) Eric Burton

5) Jake Lloyd

Runners-Up: Spencer Gibb, Guy Forsyth, Bobby Bookout, Ian Cochran, Tomar Williams

Miscellaneous Instrument

1) Guy Forsyth (harmonica)

2) Kevin Russell (ukulele)

3) Jeff Johnston (saw/telephone)

4) Oliver Steck (accordion)

5) Frank Almendra (cavaquinho)

Runners-Up: Patricia Vonne (castanets), Jeff Plankenhorn ("plank"/Dobro), Amy Moreland (mandolin), Greg Izor (harmonica), Ben Buck (beatbox)


1) Bob Schneider

2) Israel Nash

3) Jaimee Harris

4) Spencer Gibb

5) Madi Meeks

Runners-Up: Patricia Vonne, Woody Russell, Sarah Sharp, Walker Lukens, David Ramirez


1) Carrie Rodriguez

2) Warren Hood

3) Tosca String Quartet

4) Will Taylor

5) Eddie Dickerson

Runners-Up: David Perales, Haydn Vitera, Lauren Rochell, Curtis Thomas, Sadie Wolfe

Radio Station


2) Austin City Limits Radio (formerly KGSR)

3) Sun Radio



Runners-Up: KUT, KVRX, 101X, KMFA, KAZI


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