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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Michael Toland, October 26, 2018, Music

Power metal remains inherently ridiculous: overheated singing, gonzo instrumentalisms, bombastic lyrics. So it takes real skill and conviction to go so far over the top that you're back on the bottom. Austin's own Immortal Guardian has both in spades. Singer Carlos Zema's range moves from guttural growl to ambulance siren with little effort, and primary composer Gabriel Guardian gained infamy for his ability to shred on guitar and keyboards simultaneously. That faith in metal majesty puts Age of Revolution across. Expert technique wouldn't save the rampaging "Never to Return" or the anthemic "Aeolian" if Zema didn't sing like he means it and Guardian didn't build them up like he was conducting a symphony. Skeptics might scoff whether all this sound and fury signifies anything, but even non-headbangers may find Immortal Guardian's ability to stride confidently across the widest of wide screens impressive.


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