The Austin Chronicle

Texas Platters

Reviewed by Christina Garcia, September 7, 2018, Music

Three-man fuzznado Bridge Farmers exhales heavy, blues-rooted riffs that are twisted, flared, and refracted through pressurized metaphysical states of impending doom. On their eponymous full-length, bassist Garett Carr and singer/guitarist Tyler Hautala swell walls of destruction in complete harmony as the frontman's distant voice pipes in like a torpid boys' choir over your crappy elementary school intercom. Sometimes Sabbath, sometimes coiling psychedelic brain massage, the outfit keeps pace with Kyle Rice's unrelenting drums. His work is the thunder and lightning of this six-track storm. The Austin unit flexes together or not at all, culminating in a combustion of constrained metal on the final "Pyramids of Montauk." Huff some deep and proud Cap City exhaust.


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