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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Alejandra Ramirez, August 24, 2018, Music

Soft guitar lines frothing into a slow boil of raucous distortion and torrential riffs becomes a fitting kick-start to Blynd Birds' Find Your Conscience, Baby. The local quartet brandishes the same ferocity found on its 2015 debut Sure for Certain. While single "Vice Veins" gleans an unexpected pop sensibility, the rest of the sophomore effort covers familiar territory. "Not Gonna Stop" broods percussive with extra helpings of prodding basslines, the subdued "Already Spent" warbles dust devil fuzz and distorted chord slabs, and blues-tinged "Black Flower" simmers Texas summer heat. Gentle tremolo plumes give way to jagged riffs and erratic fretwork on "Thirty-Five," and loose-cannoned "Cardigan" pummels raw-boned instrumentation and heavy kit work. Find Your Conscience, Baby sticks to the guns of Blynd Birds' debut, and as such, it never misses a step.


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