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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Tim Stegall, June 29, 2018, Music

Born in Illinois 12 years ago, then moving to Austin in 2009, melodic brat punks the Butts soon found themselves playing many a night at Headhunters. If you barely listened to their second CD, you might mistake this for the pop-punk specialized by Blink-182 or Sum 41. Yet their rowdy spirit and boozy snottiness breaks the well-manicured power chords plied by those groups. Founding Butt Kurt Koegler and Nathan Holman's massed guitars roar like crazy, Ryan Henderson's drums slam your guts hard, and Kevy Bergman's bass provides thick Dee Dee Ramone-like support, while her high harmonies provide a nice counterpart to Koegler's ratty bark. Hits like "The Creature Under the Stairs," "Deadbeat Dad Day," and "Village of the Dumb" hit the back of your head like a shower of spitballs from the back of detention hall. The Butts, recorded loud and clean, and mastered loud enough to rattle your fillings loose.


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