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My Gear: Bob Mustachio

An annotated look at the equipment behind the A/V experimentalist

By Kevin Curtin, August 25, 2017, Music

Austin's pre-eminent conjurer of surrealist concert visuals, Bob Mustachio, continues redefining Texas psychedelia. You've beheld his creations backdropping the Black Angels, Levitation, and the recent Doom Side of the Moon lunar mission.

"People who are tripping say interesting things," reveals the man behind the Mustachio Light Show. "This guy once said, 'I felt like I died.' I told him I was sorry and he said, 'No, it was great!"

Here's a cursory overview of Mustachio's setup.

1) Atari Video Music: A short-lived graphic display generator from 1977 that turns sound waves into shapes;

2) 16mm film projector: Reels spinning montages of cut-up film helps light the band and mingles with camera feedback;

3) Video titler converted by Big Pauper Modified Circuitry: Adds colorful text to the mix;

4) Vintage Panasonic video mixer: Primary control panel for Mustachio's visual compounds;

5) Video camera: Captures the band, then is mixed and manipulated to create his hallmark video feedback;

6) VCR: Replaying aerobic workouts, student films, jet flight simulations, and stationary cycling tours.

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