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Margaret Moser Tribute: The Rolling Stones

as imagined by Christopher Gray, June 30, 2017, Music

That Margaret Moser, she's a rainbow. She comes in colors everywhere, to every one of our shows in Texas. Her breasts are open to prodigal sons and grizzled geezers alike; her faraway eyes hold far too many secrets to share under cover of the night. She's helped many a poor boy and factory girl shake the stray cat blues, and handed down some rough justice on the streets of love.

Some girls bring on mixed emotions, but she makes us respectable. When the whip comes down, when our coats are torn and frayed, she's beside us in that black limousine riding down that moonlight mile. This dangerous beauty sits at the top of our fingerprint file, the brim of our loving cup, the front desk of our memory motel. If you can't rock me, hide your love. If you really want to be my friend, then let it bleed. Salt of the earth, she saw me coming. Dance little sister, rip this joint, shake your hips; let it loose, parachute woman. Ain't too proud to beg 'til the next goodbye. Time waits for no one.

Look what the cat dragged in just trying to work this jigsaw puzzle. No use in crying; laugh, I nearly died. Happy! Hope we're not too messianic, or a trifle too satanic. We're just some monkey men, so we're glad Margaret is a monkey woman, too.

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