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SXSW Wednesday Record Reviews

Feel Your Feelings Fool! (Warner Bros.)

Reviewed by Tim Stegall, March 17, 2017, Music

For a 2-year-old band of teenagers from L.A., the Regrettes sound remarkably accomplished. Raw and melodic, standing at the crossroads between the Ramones and Shangri-Las, singer/guitarist Lydia Night demonstrates a remarkable grip on youth and vulnerability in 2017. Two-and-a-half-minute bashes "I Don't Like You" and "A Living Human Girl" are perfectly unpolished and unfinished, sounding like spontaneous journal entries from a high school sophomore full of doubt and romantic angst and high drama and longing, all strained through catch-in-throat vox, crisp guitars, and manic, Clem Burke-style drumming. Yea and verily, adolescent garage/punk/pop doesn't get more perfectly imperfect. (Wed. 15, Dirty Dog Bar, 10pm)


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