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The Incessant (SideOneDummy)

Reviewed by Bryan Rolli, March 17, 2017, Music

Chicago punk trio Meat Wave named its third LP The Incessant following the abject despair singer/guitarist Chris Sutter experienced after the cessation of a 12-year relationship. The SideOneDummies channel their angst into breathlessly muscular hooks and moments of chilling, claustrophobic self-reflection, often within the same song. Hardcore pioneer Steve Albini's lean production accentuates every cymbal crash and guitar strum, twisting the title track into a more acidic take on the Strokes' "Last Nite." "Killing the Incessant" closes the album with a discordant freak-out as Sutter declares, "Now fear couldn't blanket me," a brief respite from the anguish. (Wed. 15, Dirty Dog Bar, 12mid)


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