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Free Week Live Shots

Cheer Up Charlies, Jan. 8

By Michael Toland, January 13, 2017, Music

Free Week's eclectic lineups demonstrate the depth of Austin's music pool. Previewing tunes from an upcoming EP, coed quartet Honeyrude's shoegaze jangle alt-rocked in all the right Nineties ways, but the cold played havoc with guitar tunings and damaged momentum. The band no doubt kills in friendlier climes.

ST 37, hosting a 30th anniversary show later this month, boasted three guitars and a batch of delightfully bizarre psychedelic space rockers. Leader Scott Telles' other band My Education finished off the outside stage with instrumental post-rock, blazing electro-punk trio Blxpltn then whipping the inner room into a frenzy. Concentrating on new album New York Fascist Week, the group set the stage aflame with closing oldie "Train (Get Out)."

Eschewing previous psych trappings for overt Detroit rock, threesome Think No Think kept the fire burning by inspiring a crazed mosh pit. Headliner Evil Triplet, new from Terminal Mind/Miracle Room majordomo Stephen Marsh, canceled, which meant an extended Megafauna set. Its amalgam of energy and music school chops tightened by touring, the band – recently expanded to a quartet with the addition of guitarist/keyboardist Winston Barrett – blew through career-high 2016 effort Welcome Home.

During "Doubt" and "Touch the Lion," perpetually grinning guitarist/bandleader Dani Neff reached for the sky and grabbed it lovingly but firmly by the huevos. In that moment, Megafauna's action prog hit a new level of potency.

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