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By Kahron Spearman, July 1, 2016, Music

Out of Place

Nashville native with penchant for DJ'ing with VCR and reel-to-reel tape released the cleverly chopped "Reaganometry Digital Tape" LPonCS in June.

Dylan Cameron

In-house producer at Austin's Holodeck imprint puts a new Austin sheen on Berlin IDM, infusing house and techno flavors. Infinite Floor drops in August.


Former Medio Mutante member José Cota's dark synth project Ruleth, stalking the shadows with NES video game industrial doom and gloom come to life.


Religious with funk and all the beat machines possible, Boom capably executes electronic wonk/bit hip-hop with thick basslines. Check his Lost Files series.


Blending hip-hop, ambient, and psych influences on his latest, Dimming Awe, the Light Is Raw beams a wavy affair booming bass and stacking ethereal accents.


Cota's other project – with vocalist and former Medio Mutante bandmate Mariana Saldaña – masters danceable, retro tech on buoyant Holodeck release Mentiras.

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