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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Michael Toland, April 22, 2016, Music

The Paisley Underground comes home to roost on the first full-length from Surly Gates. Like that long-gone Cali conclave, Lay Low spotlights squarely on the songs, letting acid-fried colored gels give the tracks their strange sheen. Fronting traditional rock tropes and creamy harmonies, "Wicked Lover" and "Under Your Tongue" rely equally on melody and muscle, while "Catatonia" and the title track spin winsome pop skeins. "Growl" enters enigmatic ballad territory, slowly unfolding its journey into mystery. Singing guitarists Jonathan Lennartz and Rusty Boyer field most of the heavy work, but it's organist James Webber pulling the tracks into a parallel dimension. Ghosts of trips past.


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