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Tuesday SXSW Showcases

First night hangs – showcases!

By Jim Caligiuri, March 11, 2016, Music

IMI Chile


Chile, on the southwestern edge of South America that borders the Pacific Ocean, boasts a thriving music community. Independent Music Industry Chile, its first countrywide trade group, focuses on those working independently, encouraging partnership and cooperation. Boraj, a septet from Santiago, combines ambient electronics, soaring harmonies, and folk melodies into aural soundscapes. The nom de rock of Natalia Suazo, Natisú draws comparisons to Björk and PJ Harvey for her ambition and musical sources. Among Chile's premier indie rock bands, Santiago's Spiral Vortex possesses an energetic yet psychedelic sound echoing the mountainous terrain where they live. A Chilean trio of rockers reflecting what Americans think of as indie, Cóndor Jet lays claim to one of its country's best-known and fully realized bands. Producer and DJ Foex combines synths, soul, and hip-hop into a distinct, experimental EDM.

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