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Tuesday SXSW Picks

First night picks

By Tim Stegall, Alejandra Ramirez, Michael Toland, Greg Beets, and Kahron Spearman, March 11, 2016, Music

Kristin Kontrol (dj set)

6pm, Maggie Mae's Rooftop
Dee Dee, nom de punk of Kristin Welchez from garage-punk sensations the Dum Dum Girls, now assumes the solo identity Kristin Kontrol. A brighter, Eighties-inspired proposition than DDG's fuzz-n-reverb bashings, KK promises a fun pastiche of Debbie Gibson's synth-heavy mall pop. Here she DJs, saving her tunes for May's Sub Pop debut LP. – Tim Stegall

Chvrches (DJ set)

7:15pm, Maggie Mae's
Weird to think that only four years ago Glasgow pop megastars Chvrches were nobodies. That changed with debut The Bones of What You Believe. Lauren Mayberry's kinetic brashness coupled with glitz-n-glamour electronics proved a formidable duo in singles "The Mother We Share" and "Gun," soon tuned into every FM dial. – Alejandra Ramirez

Los Detectives Helados

10pm, Sledge Hammer
Taking its name from a poem by Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño, Los Detectives Helados formed in Piñas, Ecuador, in 2012. The quintet's intriguing blend of indie pop and Latin disco fills its 2015 debut, Cvra Lvodrvm. Fellow Ecuadorian pop star Ricardo Pita guests on the single "En el Camino." – Michael Toland


11pm, Hype Hotel
A Spanish indie rock quartet from Madrid, the ladies of Hinds pack a tight rock punch. Inspired by contemporary garage rock, their raw sound extends beyond fuzzed vocals and echo-y guitar riffs. On Leave Me Alone, they combine badassery with a day in the sun, taking music lovers on a wild, non-stop ride. – María Núñez

Cóndor Jet

11pm, Friends
Part of a thriving Chilean rock scene, Providencia's Cóndor Jet formed in 2010 and have released two well-received albums: 2013's Anillos and 2014's Sin Lugar. The trio is a regular at South Ameri­can festivals and in opening slots for the likes of Tame Impala, whose fans will find much to love in Cóndor Jet's soaring dream pop. (Also: Wed., 12mid, BD Riley's) – Michael Toland

The Moonlandingz

12mid, Cheer Up Charlies
Born a fictional band on Eccentronic Research Council's 2015 concept album, Johnny Rocket Narcis­sist & Music Machine ... I'm Your Big­gest Fan, the Moonlandingz quickly transcended plot device. Fat White Family's Lias Saoudi and Saul Adamczewski join Sheffield-based ERC mainstays Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer in the band-made-flesh. Psych-rock meltdowns like "Sweet Saturn Mine" prompted contributions from Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono for their forthcoming LP. – Greg Beets

Sur du Monde

12mid, Sledge Hammer
Hailing from Rosario, Argentina, Sur du Monde have a boyish-band appeal thanks to their sentimental power-pop sensibilities and charming harmonies. 2015 effort, A Siete Jardines del Sol, lingers with a sweet visage of romanticism backed up with glowing ethereal melodies and uplifting panache. – Alejandra Ramirez

Richie Hawtin

12mid, Kingdom
Known for his best work as Plastikman and his Ibiza-centered ENTER events, English-Canadian electronic producer/DJ Richie Hawtin is a certified superstar and champion within the Detroit techno movement. During the mid-Nineties, he helped reinvigorate legends Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson to push electro house and techno – especially the "minimal" subgenre – to punchy new heights. – Kahron Spearman

Sad Lovers & Giants

12:15am, Barracuda Backyard
SLG never reached the heights of its post-Joy Division peers the Cure or the Chameleons, but the Watford, UK, outfit released several memorably gloomy records in the early Eighties. The band split a decade later, reforming in the new millennium for Melting in the Fullness of Time, and permanently in 2010, leading to this rare U.S. gig. – Michael Toland

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