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Twelve essential weekly hangs

By Kevin Curtin, November 27, 2015, Music

Mrs. Glass

Location: Blackheart, 86 Rainey
Start date: Aug. 2012
Run time: Thursday, 10pm-2am
All ages? N

The Blackheart is a whiskey bar, and Mrs. Glass is a whiskey band. "They pair well together," confirms Jeremy Murray, owner of the Rainey Street venue that's hosted this neo-delta blues trio weekly for three years. "We definitely pour out some bottles on Thursday nights." The group's namesake frontman, a gutsy slide guitarist with a smoky bullfrog moan who relocated from New Orleans after the levee broke, boasts jaw-dropping talent and a 1,000-year soul. "He's got this unique confidence that's laid-back, yet deadly serious," says Murray. Committed? Last year, Murray pressed a vinyl of Mrs. Glass live at the Blackheart to sell from behind the bar.

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