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Saturday Fun Fun Fun Fest Album Reviews

Vega Intl. Night School (Mom + Pop)

November 6, 2015, Music

Since turning into an indie staple with 2012's "Polish Girl," Neon Indian's Alan Palomo has done some growing up. Resurrecting his original electro master persona, Palomo introduced Vega Intl. Night School with a hotline welcoming listeners with a "Hey there, sexy." The 51-minute groove compilation emulates late-night VH1 on a heavy dose of synth and a sprinkle of Eighties pop. Lead single "Slumlord" effectively transitions from a synth ballad to a Daft Punk-like jam. Inviting, subtle, Neon Indian's third studio album throws a party you won't want to leave. (6:15pm, Blue Stage)


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