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Friday Fun Fun Fun Fest Album Reviews

The Color Before the Sun (300 Entertainment)

Reviewed by Richard Whittaker, November 6, 2015, Music

The Amory Wars are over. Band visionary Claudio Sanchez called a cease-fire on Coheed and Cambria's seven-album sci-fi sprawl, and now dips into more emotionally grounded territory. Pop rock rather than space prog, The Color Before the Sun is akin to his beloved Rush's permanent wave goodbye to fantasy epics in favor of radio-friendly AOR. Only "You Got Spirit, Kid" feels like vintage Coheed, Sanchez's trademark spit and growl over a jaunty but jagged riff. A music industry dig, its knife-edge honesty segues into the Tool-echoing "The Audience," whose lyrics serve as reminder that the bandleader knows his fans even if labels don't. (8:45pm, Black stage)


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