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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Doug Freeman, October 23, 2015, Music

Mother Falcon's third full-length was unceremoniously delayed this summer by a last-minute signing to the classical imprint of planet Earth's largest remaining record label. The deal suggests an industry recognizing the sprawling talent of Austin's indie orchestra, as well as the challenge of defining their equally eclectic sound. Good Luck Have Fun doesn't solve the latter quandary, but certainly supports the deserved broader attention. The album divides dually, with the A-side unfolding lush pop that follows the contemporary vein of San Fermin, while the second half turns instrumental on evocative soundscapes. Opener "Kid" winds Claire Puckett's ethereal vocals through funky bass and sharp, suave strings, bookended by the dark, entropic cello of "Water." The backside's seven-song "Starnation Suite" likewise torques tension via "E-Sports," bouncing between buoyant and heavy, the gorgeously haunted tides of "Oceanside," and the slow swell of "Good People." Good Luck Have Fun showcases Mother Falcon's expansive possibilities.


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