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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Michael Toland, June 5, 2015, Music

One part Doctors' Mob and Balloonatic, and two parts Wannabes, the Rite Flyers pay tribute to the more aggressive end of Austin's New Sincerity movement of the late Eighties and early Nineties through their mere existence. On Electromode, the locals' third album, there's little evidence initially of the Mob's bar rock, Balloonatic's six-string acid webs, or the 'Bes' melody-rich pop. Instead, the winsome tunes, close harmonies, and wistful vibe sound right at home opening for the Reivers or Javelin Boot circa 1988. Having trod those boards, the Flyers come by this noise honestly, making the strum of "Green," "All the Little Things," and "Tune to You" traditional rather than nostalgic. This sweet 'n' sour jangle sets up New Sincerity's evolution. The tense chorus and aggressive coda of "Postcards," rootsy crunch of "Eyes Out," and psychedelic swirl of "Love Locked" subtly betray the sway of these musicians' former acts. In doing so, the Rite Flyers make old skeletons dance anew.


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