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Local Levitation

By Kevin Curtin, May 8, 2015, Music


(Fri., 3:45pm, Reverberation)
Michael Sharp and Braden Balentine layer analogs and organics to produce complicated, cinematic beauty.

Hollow Trees

(Fri., 4:45pm, Levitation)
Distorted, driving psych-rock featuring Black Angel Christian Bland and former Warlock Bob Mustachio.

Hundred Visions

(Fri., 5pm, Reverberation)
Grungy guitar rock trio fronted by six-string splatter painter Ben Maddox.

Ringo Deathstarr

(Fri., 6:15pm, Reverberation)
Decibel-pushing shoegaze trio with inscrutable guitar tone, phenomenal drumming, and buried vox.


(Fri., 7:15pm, Levitation)
Black-clad overlords of Austin's experimental synth scene, turning knobs on vintage analog gear to conjure ambience and interstellar sound waves.

Holy Wave

(Fri., 8pm, Elevation)
Five-headed psych-pop hallucination with crafty songs that stick like acid to your tongue.

The Sword

(Fri., 11:30pm, Levitation)
Metallic hard rock quartet with Sabbath riffs and Tolkien-worthy lyrics.

The Well

(Sat., 3:45pm, Reverberation)
Stoner trio manhandles metallic might and witchy vibes.

This Will Destroy You

(Sat., 10pm, Levitation)
Gorgeous instrumental explorations from San Marcos.

Ryan Sambol

(Sun., 2:30pm, Reverberation)
Former Strange Boys frontman goes solo with a singing voice reminiscent of Dylan's Nashville Skyline.

Baby Robots

(Sun., 3pm, Levitation)
Bobby Baker's effects-pedal-justifying concoction of psych, pop, and post-punk.

Tele Novella

(Sun., 3:30pm, Reverberation)
Sophisticated Sixties-style pop from the pipes of Natalie Ribbons.

The Black Angels

(Sun., 8:30pm, Reverberation)
With Syd Barrett striver Christian Bland on guitar and Velvet Underground enthusiast Alex Maas on vocals, the psych frontrunners lace golden songwriting with sinister sounds.

13th Floor Elevators

(Sun., 10pm, Reverberation)
Psychedelic rock pioneers celebrate golden anniversary with first legit performance since 1968.

9507 Sherman, Friday, May 8, through Sunday, May 10. Weekend ($165) and day ($65) passes are available online at Weekend camping passes are $75 per person.

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