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Reviewed by Neph Basedow, July 18, 2014, Music


World Peace Is None of Your Business (Harvest)

In his 2013 autobiography, Morrissey reveals that he nearly killed his mother during birth. (Head "too big.") Illness then kept him hospitalized for months as an infant. Moz and his mum survived, but the singer and calamity have gone hand in hand literally since Day One. Such innate tragedy – or eternal expectation of latent disaster – still defines the UK balladeer and his 10th solo effort. World Peace Is None of Your Business thus weaves through emotive ebbs and flows, and, consequently, quality. An uneventful opener sets the bar low, but merit builds with the blithe, horn-heavy standout "Kiss Me a Lot," and "Staircase at the University" sounds like Smiths spillover. True to form, lyrics flutter so grandiosely mopey they're comical. Morrissey sings at his audience instead of to them, preaching for political pessimism and against carnivorism. Rather than refining any creative molds, World Peace stays the course, which could just be creative enough on its own.


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