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Reviewed by Michael Toland, June 27, 2014, Music


The Beast of Left and Right (Retro Futurist)

Shutting up can be a boon for metal. Lazer/Wulf's got the riff thing down stone cold. The Athens trio blazes away like a grinning Dysrhythmia without the Rush fixation. Six-stringer Bryan Aiken races across his fretboard with a jazzist's brain, a rock & roll heart, and the joyous enthusiasm of a show host. Bassist Sean Peiffer and drummer Brad Rice ride the bull by his side. Vocals appear and disappear like ghosts in an old country house, but fingertip-frying ditties like "Beast Reality (Center Piece)" and the massive "Who Were the Mound Builders" rip and tear the loudest.


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