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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Michael Toland, May 23, 2014, Music


Living in the Underground (Permanent Youth)

Living in the Underground, this Austin power trio's first full-length, finds joy in songs built on guitar hooks and the energy spew of the eternally caffeinated. Singer/guitarist Danny Listrom doesn't screw around, gushing sinuous leads, crunchy chords, and melodious singing with neither muss nor fuss. Drummer Danny Blanchard, also of Wiretree and Sweet Spirit, keeps tempos running hot, while bassist Jon Fichter holds the line to keep his bros-in-arms on the rails. The roiling "Never Gonna Know" wallows bluesy and anthemic, the blasting "This Is War!" spikes both hair and coffee, and tuneful confections "Highway to Nowhere" and "Try Try Try" sound like the kind of radio fodder you wish was coming out of your speakers. Living in the Underground may be meat and potatoes, but there's good reason that dish always satisfies.


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