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By Luke Winkie, May 23, 2014, Music

Pinkish Black

Razed to the Ground (Century Media)

"Ashtray Eyes" begins with a long, menacing, headcase synth loop, the kind of thing that makes your brain dribble through your nose. Daron Beck mumbles some evil incantations, there's a big blast of distorted bass, and suddenly Pinkish Black has made one of the more resonant metal albums in recent memory without subscribing to any of the traditional tenants. The Fort Worth duo arrives anchored by excellent musicianship, Beck's voice especially strong. And yet Razed to the Ground is all about mood. Catch the title track, a rattling, intergalactic hymnal, or the seven-minute operatic "Bad Dreamer." This sophomore effort catches one of Texas' most promising acts in full bloom. (Thu., May 29, Red 7)


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